Human-Kind Bracelet Feeding BC’s Hungry

By Ben Hamill - April 19 2021

Human-Kind Bracelet Feeding BC’s Hungry

Countless ways exist in which to show and spread a little kindness. And wearing a bracelet that represents an idea and tells a story is one of the best ways achieve exactly that. Just ask Vancouver-based real estate advisor Karim Virani and his daughter, Alyssa.

Karim and Alyssa recently launched the Human-Kind bracelet in their North Shore neighbourhood in British Columbia – with every last penny of the profits from each bracelet sold being put directly towards feeding a local household. After the pair hooked up with Harvest Project, The Lookout Shelter, and North Shore Family Services, bracelet sales have in as little as just three months provided more than 1,000 meals for families in need.

Delivered via North Shore Family Services, the take-out meals paid for by sales of the bracelet are provided by Earl’s Kitchen and Bar in Vancouver.

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Inspired By Great Need

According to Karim, the inspiration behind the special bracelet had been the new reality recently created for so many in their community. Having found it impossible to simply look on and do nothing as so many found themselves struggling with food security, Karim says words went over into action when he and daughter Alyssa founded Human-Kind.

Since so many people wear jewelry for so many reasons, oftentimes not only as accessories, but also to convey an important message, a bracelet had been the logical route, said Karim. The Human-Kind bracelet tells a story and is symbolic in the message it seeks to convey, in that those who wear one know that someone has been fed because of its purchase.

Locally Sourced And Made

Special and symbolic too is that the bracelets are hand-fashioned by volunteers, and out of locally sourced material from the country’s West Coast. Each bracelet features either black ironwood or ebony and white beads made out of howlite. Believed to relieve stress and promote serenity, howlite can be found in several parts of Canada.

The bracelets were created as a reminder to spread kindness among one another, said Alyssa Virani in a recent media release. Also, they reflect Karim and Alyssa’s local community – one that is national in scope owing to the current pressures of the global health crisis.

According to the Human-Kind website, statistics show that there are currently 1 in 9 households in BC who are struggling with not knowing where their next meal is going to come from. And that experts agree that owing to the ongoing global crisis, that figure is continually on the rise.

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