Bake Bread And Feel Your Stress Disappear

By Ben Hamill - December 01 2019
bake bread

As it turns out, there’s more to baking bread than, well, eating bread. It now seems to hold therapeutic advantages too; and that goes for the baking as well as for the eating. Even the aroma of freshly baked bread seems to instantly catapult us into feel-good-country. Baking bread can be a real de-stressor, and what with the holiday season just around the corner, there’s no time like the present to be getting our baking caps on.

The holidays bring about a slew of fresh new responsibilities and social requirements. There are year-end work parties, pre-Christmas-with-friends parties, actual Christmas-with-family parties, and just generally good old hungry days jammed in between Christmas and New Years Day. What better way to make a supreme impression on just about everyone’s mother than by pitching up with a freshly baked bread made by nobody else than yours truly!

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Lifting The Right Type Of Spirit

It’s true that being creative lifts the spirits. The human spirit, that is. Baking bread certainly does count as a creative engagement, especially since there’s a wide variety of ways in which to go about things. Those who cannot do without creature kitchen gadget comforts may want to make use of the opportunity to go out and get a bread maker. This makes for a handy double up on the why-I-need-more gadgets excuse front.

Also, it’s easy. Simply mix all the ingredients together in a big old bowl, preferably at recipe ratios, pop in all into your new kitchen gadget, and wait for the machine to spew mother-in-law brownie points from its belly. The easiest way to make a good impression ever, and quite delicious too!

Kneading Relieves Stress

But when talking therapeutic value; and this is after all what we’re discussing; the good old variety old fashioned way is probably best. And besides, all that punching and mixing and trying to coax the clay-like dough from the mixing bowl is damn good exercise to boot!  More feel good action right there.

But however you choose to bake your stress-reliever, perhaps the best bit of all is that can choose what goes in. Using olive oil instead of margarine, to name but one example, ensures that your home baked goods will contain much less sodium than the variety of bread typically bought in stores. Also, think whole-grain flour instead of the old white bleached variety.

Oh, and remember to watch it all rise in the oven. It’s therapeutic after all, and so very, very soothing.

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