Apple’s New Apple Arcade Service Coming Soon

By Ben Hamill - April 19 2019

Apples New Arcade Game Service Won’t Come Cheap

Apple is raising the bar yet again. The tech giant has announced that it will be officially launching its new Apple Arcade gaming service later this year. But being the coolest kid on the games block won’t come cheap. According to the Financial Times, the subscription arcade games service will set the corporation back a cool $500 million; perhaps even more.

Not that Apple isn’t well able to afford the hefty price tag. To date, not much has been revealed about what the service will cost the actual subscriber and Apple has also not yet released the exact official launch date, save to say that it will see the light somewhere between September and November later this year.

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Stellar Line-Up Won’t Come Cheap

The tech-giant did promise a world of new entertainment via its App Store. Some of the planned titles include a new Sonic the Hedgehog game, Beneath a Steel Sky, Where Cards Fall and Hot Lava. A complete new range of games from Cartoon Network, Lego, Snowman, Konami, and many more, have also been confirmed as headed for the new platform.

According to those familiar with the types of budgets associated with games of such an exclusive nature, estimate that some of the games being planned by Apple have budgets running into the millions. If anything, the corporation isn’t going to be getting away with a shoestring budget. Just how big a chunk of that budget will be rerouted back to Apple users remains to be seen, because let’s face it, Apple’s cozy comforts never come cheap.  Somewhere along the line, someone is paying for just about everything. Not that there’s anything wrong with that per se; Apple is after all a business looking to make a profit.

No More Annoying Distractions

The new games subscription service will be available on iPad, iPhone, Mac and also on Apple TV. The good news is that, according to Apple, there will be no pesky advertisements, ad-tracking or even additional purchases. This alone is enough to get us interested. By the looks of things, the service will offer the perfect antidote to the disarray of free games, micro-transactions and ad-sponsored games so clogged with ads that anyone in their right mind would prefer to pay for the privilege of actually being able to follow what is happening on their screens instead.

Despite the limited info at our disposal, we’re literally sold on the idea already.

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