Amazon Names Fort McMurray The Most Romantic City

By Ben Hamill - February 11 2020

Amazon Names Fort McMurray The Most Romantic City

The owl and the pussycat went out to Fort McMurray. Apparently. That’s Fort McMurray, Alberta. And no, we’re not attempting to re-write classic English poetry. But it is interesting to note that according to what folks are spending their money on at retail giant Amazon, appears to indicate that Fort McMurray may be the most romantic city in Canada.

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Not that Fort McMurray is actually even a city. In fact, officially speaking at least, it’s a service area to the Municipality of Fort Buffalo. And according to Tripadvisor; and this is just sad; New York Fries will have to be your go-to spot when looking to explore the region’s “Top 10 Places to Visit”. It’s not as if we’re not equally in love with fries than the next person, but still. As far as attractions go, fries are a dismal state of affairs.

Because Amazon Said So

Which is probably exactly why local residents are choosing to purchase their romantic merchandise online. And according to Amazon Canada, Fort McMurray folks are just about the most romantic in all of the North. The data relied on by Amazon takes into account items like jewellery, sexual wellness products, romantic novels and films and books on relationships. Amazon Canada reached its romance-conclusion by comparing sales data January 1st, 2019 to January 1st, 2020. That’s a win for Fort Mac residents over the course of 12 months, comparatively speaking.

But not everyone shares the notion that Fort McMurray is deserving of the unofficial title of most romantic city in the country. It didn’t take very long for folks to get funny and clever and let rip with the comments following the publication of Amazon’s most recent list of most romantic cities. One online user even considers her garage to be more capable of getting it on than Fort Mac.

More Romantic Than Victoria

Be that as it may, Fort McMurray this year stole the title from B.C.’s Victoria; the previous title holder a good seven years in a row. That’s got to mean something in terms of just a little bit of list-credibility.

But Fort Mac wasn’t the only inclusion on Amazon’s list to have attracted shock and surprise. Bonnyville at #4 according to one person’s social media account isn’t only surprising a nomination because of the fact that the city is home to two places to “go on a date” only, but even more so because “there was also no one I wanted to get romantic with in the 20 years I lived there”.

Well. A win is a win.

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