Marketing Forbidden For Ontario iGaming Brands

By Ben Hamill - March 11 2022

Marketing Forbidden For Ontario iGaming BrandsOntario is holding its breath as the opening of the region’s iGaming market draws near. It is only a matter of time before licensed operators are allowed to offer their services, though they certainly won’t be able to market any promotions. At least, operators won’t be allowed to market their Welcome Bonuses or encourage players to sign up. According to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission Of Ontario (AGCO) this sort of marketing is not allowed, raising a few serious question about just how successful iGaming will really be.

As far as interest in Ontario iGaming is concerned, gambling focused companies have all but been falling over one another to get involved. The province is, after all, not only the most populated in Canada, but also boasts a healthy local interest in betting. However, according to the AGCO there is not to be any advertising related to Welcome Bonuses or other promotions. A major blow to a corporation looking to attract business, but not the end of the world according to Paul Burns.

The Situation Explained

Burns is the CEO of the Canadian Gaming Association and took the time to make the situation clearer. He explained that although operators are not allowed to push promotion focused advertising, they are allowed to advertise deals on their own sites.

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He added that this approach is aimed at keeping Ontario iGaming balanced, forcing online casinos to sell themselves on their products, rather than with alluring promotions. Hence, Burns elaborated, success will never be determined by a site that simply happens to offer the most competitive Welcome Bonus.

The CEO concluded that this would create a truly unique market, with companies having to be creative to ensure that their business is a success.

Corporations Getting Creative

Of course, companies that have managed to get licensed knew about this challenge going in. As such some have already started to explore interesting advertising options, including partnerships with local celebrities. PointsBet Canada has already reached out to the Ontario icons the Trailer Park Boys, offering to make them official ambassadors. BetRivers Canada, meanwhile, has provided a full suite of free games on their site, allowing locals to play at no monetary cost.

No matter what creative plans companies come up with, the strategies better be implemented fast. The market is due to open in less than a month, and competition is expected to be fierce.