GCG Puts Forward Bizarre Last-Minute Lobby

By Ben Hamill - February 08 2022

GCG Puts Forward Bizarre Last-Minute Lobby

Ontario is ready to open its iGaming market to the world, much to the delight of foreign operators. But Great Canadian Gaming (GCG) isn’t happy about the situation. Standing as one of the most influential land-based casino companies, GCG has come forward with a bold request. The organization is suggesting that the entire iGaming plan be scrapped, and that casinos take control of the market instead.

It is an unexpected move, not in the least due to the fact that the market is set to open in just a few months. Though, the corporation does hold some weight in the industry, owning and running 12 successful establishments. The company recently revealed a report, suggesting that online casinos could steal business from land-based venues. But the information is not thought to be conclusive.

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Either way, it is being suggested that 2,600 jobs could be lost, and that tax revenue could fall by as much as $2.8 billion.

Findings Not Conclusive

The information is alarming, should it be true. But more than a few companies have come forward to say that the information is incorrect. A number of online operators, as well as a separate land-based corporation, have agreed that an open online market is the way forward. The opposing voices have stressed that an open market will generate new tech-based jobs, rather than simply steal existing jobs.

GCG, on the other hand, is adamant that the right to take gambling online should be controlled by land-based operators. A company spokesperson added that focus should instead be on cracking down on unregulated sites, as opposed to simply opening the floodgates on an unpredictable market.

CEO of the company, Tony Rodio, added his thoughts to the dilemma.

Take The Concerns Seriously

Rodio first declared that he is not against online casinos in principle but went on to say that the province should be looking at the information more closely. He drew attention to the fact that land-based establishments are already on the ropes, given the massive impact of the world health crisis.

He elaborated that local government should simply be taking more time, and that solutions should be found for an already crippled industry first and foremost. He concluded by declaring that proper precautions should be taken to executive such a massive undertaking, and that such a big step should be taken properly.

Even if Rodio’s words hold weight, other organizations have stated the simple truth of the matter. If the CEO really is so concerned, he probably should have acted on the matter much sooner. It has, after all, been multiple years that the iGaming market has been heading towards a grand opening.