Xbox Series X Is Quick & Quiet, But It’s Also Too Hot

By Ben Hamill - October 14 2020

Xbox Series X Is Quick & Quiet, But It’s Also Too Hot

So hot to the touch is the Microsoft’s Xbox Series X that some reporters, influencers and creators who have managed to get their hands on an early release, found themselves using the hardware as a makeshift fireplace, with others yet reporting having had their fingers burned - by the heat, that is. Even so, those treated to early access largely described the Xbox Series X console as powerful and quiet.

Concerning however is the fact that the console already seems to go into heat overdrive when running simple tasks such as backward-compatible games and opening and closing menus. This means extreme heat output when not even yet running seriously demanding Xbox games typically way more taxing to a console system.

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Bogard’s Not The Only Remark

All of the above – especially given the quip made by Jeux Video’s Ken Bogard about the console potentially being able to double up as a fireplace – would not have been considered too much of a potential issue had Bogard been the only one making the “heated” Xbox Series X observation.

Giant Bomb’s Jeff Bakkalar said he’s been experiencing the same thing with his version of the console – specifically also commenting on the amount of heat emitted by the machine even when in stand-by mode.

When Is Hot “Too” Hot?

The high levels of heat emitted by the console really could go either way in terms of it being a good thing or a bad thing. The fact that so much heat is being emitted necessarily means that it’s not all being pent up inside the machine. This probably thanks to a superb cooling and ventilations system.

On the other hand, however, the machine really shouldn’t be all that hard at work when performing simple commands such as menu navigation or even just waiting on stand-by. Any piece of machinery self-heating to the extent that it burns the user’s hand justifies a second glance.

Heat is a perfectly natural by-product of high-performance equipment of whatever sort or function. But too much heat – to the point of that heat becoming dangerous to the touch on the surface of a gadget or piece of technology – is more likely than not the result of a component not doing quite what it’s supposed to be doing.

Microsoft has not yet commented on the remarks re the new console’s heat issues. The Xbox Series and Xbox Series S are both due for release this November 10.

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