Microsoft Launching New Xbox Connect For iOS

By Ben Hamill - October 03 2020

Microsoft Launching New Xbox Connect For iOS

An upcoming new update by Microsoft will enable iOS users to stream Xbox One games directly to their iPhones. The update will form part of a big new Xbox App update created specifically for iOS. Scheduled to be available soon via Apple’s App Store, the updated app will include a remote play feature – allowing owners of Xbox One machines to stream their games via a direct link between their console and their iPhone.

The so-called remote play option will differ from Microsoft’s existing xCloud service in that instead of streaming gaming content from servers to mobile and other devices, this time round those same games will be streamed directly from the user’s Xbox One console. Very similar to how Sony’s PS4 Remote Play feature works, the upcoming new update from Microsoft will connect only to the user’s own Xbox console (via the account associated with that particular console), and not to the xCloud itself.

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Several New Perks And Functions

The link between the Xbox console and iPhone will according to the Microsoft pre-launch announcement, be established via an array of options available to the user – including LTE, a 5G satellite connection, or over Wi-Fi. Also, since the new app will effectively take control of the user’s Xbox console, the console owner will be able to start the console remotely, i.e. from outside of the home or location where the actual hardware is kept.

What’s more, when started up from a remote location, the console will be turned on without any external indication, i.e. without a sound and even without the light at the front of the Xbox being lit in the process.  Once disconnected, the console will reportedly automatically return to standby mode.

All Eyes On November

Noteworthy too is that the new Xbox app will reportedly perform much faster than the previous version released for IOS. This as a result of the update having been designed according to the same specs used for all other Xbox design changes and upgrades – and all of this with the November launch of the new Xbox Series X / S consoles in mind.

The new updated Xbox app will however not change the precarious situation Microsoft currently finds itself in opposite Apple. Though the iPhone maker did recently call a truce of sorts with games streaming services such as xCloud and Google’s Stadia, Apple still requires big-tech games providers like Microsoft to submit all of its games in the format of separate applications.

Needless to say, Microsoft has made its dissatisfaction with Apple’s foolhardiness known.

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