Xbox Game Pass Hits 18M Subscribers Mark

By Ben Hamill - January 28 2021

Xbox Game Pass Hits 18M Subscribers Mark

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service, cleverly dubbed the Netflix for video games has just passed the 18 million subscribers-mark, up more than 3 million since September. The service is subscription-based and offers to customers instant access to a massive selection of more than 100 Xbox games for only $9.99 per month.

The platform’s subscriber base has been growing steadily since it first launched in mid-2017, and is supported by several big-name games makers. Destiny 2 (Bungie) and Control (Remedy Entertainment) are both available on Game Pass.

Microsoft has been intensively promoting and pushing the service for a little over than a year now and is clearly heavily invested in its growth and the boosting of its games content. The software giant’s recent acquisition of ZeniMax, which is the parent company of Doom and Fallout developer Bethesda Softworks, is but one of the studio acquisition deals expected to greatly boost Microsoft’s game subscription service in future.

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Promos And Controversy

Microsoft has also been running an extensive variety of promos focused on attracting new Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Not only does the software giant offer the first month of the service for only $1, but it has also been encouraging Xbox Live Gold customers to make the switch to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via several ongoing incentives, including a free one-month membership pass to Disney Plus.

Microsoft earlier this month came under intense fire and scrutiny when it suddenly announced a significant price hike to the monthly fee subscribers are paying for Xbox Live Gold. The software giant initially defended the decision by reminding subscribers that the price of a monthly Xbox Live Gold subscription has not changed for years – and in some markets for over a decade. It however on Jan. 23 did a complete back-pedal on the entire price hike, announcing instead that multiplayer functionality would henceforth be made free for all free-to-play titles, i.e. no longer requiring an Xbox Live Gold membership.

The general feeling was that the price hike was exclusively rolled out in an effort to get subscribers to move to Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Live Continues To Thrive

Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella during an earnings call on Tuesday confirmed that Xbox Live now has well in excess of an incredible 100 million active monthly subscribers.

Nadella also revealed that last year’s launch of the Xbox Series X and S was the month successful launch in the company’s history, with the most units ever sold in a single launch month.

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