X-Wing Miniatures Board Game Review

By Ben Hamill - October 29 2014

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Star Wars Comes to Life

The X-Wing Miniatures Board Game Review gives just a taste of this thrilling board game in which players are actual Star Wars fighters. As board games go, this one is very easy to set up and playing time does not take more than about half an hour but of course players who start the game want to play more and more because of the excitement of the game and the pure winning streak in the player.

This is a game for two to four players and it is recommended for players aged 14 and over but younger players who have very good hand eye coordination are also able to try out this game and may even succeed at it. The creators of this game, Fantasy Flight Games have created many board games and perfected the quality of the game together with the set up time and the clear instructions that come with the game.

Ship to Ship Space Combat

The X-Wing Miniatures Board Game Review informs players all about the game and what the aim of the game is. But, as with most games and in fact most things in life, the true experience is gained from playing the game. It may be a good idea to play a fun version before embarking on a real challenge with an opponent. The basis of this game is that it is a ship to ship combat game where the player takes on the person of the Rebel X-Wings fighter or the Imperial TIE fighter.

The pieces in the game include little painted miniatures, hence the name of the game and special space craft. Players select cards and based on the card they also select the speed and other features of their space craft that will conduct the space combat. Rebel pilot cards in the basic game can be Luke Skywalker, Biggs Dark Fighter, Red Squadron Pilot and Rookie Pilot.

The Imperial Fighter cards are Mauler Mithel, Dark Curse, Night Beast, Black Squadron, Obsidion Squadron and Academy Pilot. The trick in this game is that the opponent or opponents do not know the card that the other player has chosen and do not know the speeds and settings that the player has chosen for his craft. In this way when the orders are given to commence a battle the battle conditions are a surprise for the other players and the crew, maneuvers and speed of the craft are test against the other player or players.

Star Wars Dreams Come True

The game time as detailed in the X-Win Miniatures Board Game Review does not take more than about thirty minutes but those thirty minutes are filled with intense battles and combats together with lots of strategy thinking and positioning. Players can purchase extensions to this game as with other board games that add different pilots, miniatures and all sorts of features to the game.

Whether a Star Wars love or not, anyone who players this board game will be drawn in to the easy way in which it is played and the excellent models and features of the game. Each of the little miniatures tells a story and is in fact to beautifully made and it is not surprising if they become collectors' items in the future. Since the games launch in 2012 many extensions to the game have been added and many new features. Players who are followers of the game also create their own special player boards with all sorts of features of the space stations and outer space environments.

In some locations around the world there are even X-Wing Miniature Board Game competitions where many different adults and children can be seen battling out their Rebel X Wings and Imperial TIE fighters through intricate moves and special combat features. This game may not be the real Star Wars but it does enable players to try and re-enact their dreams of being a space fighter and choosing their own controls on how to manage the space ships and make special manoeuvres with different speeds and under different conditions. The world of Star Wars comes to life with the X- Wing Miniatures Board Game.