World Gaming Expo Monaco Postponed

By Ben Hamill - December 06 2018

World Gaming Expo Monaco Postponed

When talking anything Monaco, it almost feels like overkill to add World Class Event into the statement. And last year’s inaugural World Gaming Expo Monaco (WGE) was no exception. The convention brought together the industry’s boldest and best at one of the biggest casino and entertainment conventions of the year. It was with much anticipation that operators and brands all over the world prepared for and looked forward to a repeat in 2018.

But event organizers have said that due to a pressing necessity to restructure the business driving force behind the convention, there will be no expo in 2018. However, there will be a second edition in December 2019, exactly one year from now. If the announcement has in any way stifled the excitement, it hasn’t been at all tangible.

Most importantly, the location has remained intact.

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The Anticipation Continues

More than 60 exhibitors have already confirmed their presence at next year’s event and despite the fact that it will be a postponed follow-up edition, companies all over the globe have once again bent over backwards in order to secure a space in which to showcase their products and services.

True to the considerate nature of the event organizers; something that became the talk of the town in the lead-up to last year’s expo; next year’s conference has been scheduled in a time slot that will not interfere with any other important global trade shows. This obviously means maximum attendance by all of the big guns as no one need worry about having to be in two or more places at once.

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Next Stop: Monte Carlo

The news that next year’s WGE will be hosted in Monte Carlo has already unlocked a great deal of excitement among players and businesses alike. Apart from being just about as good as it gets in terms of showcasing the products and services that businesses are most proud of, the expo is also a valuable networking opportunity for players and brand owners alike.

Whether or not the organizers expected people to express dismay and a loss of interest following the postponement is anyone’s guess, but this has fortunately not been the case. If anything, bumping the event up to December 2019 has created even more of a hype and a buzz.

Here’s to the second installment of the World Gaming Expo Monaco, and may it be even better than the first. Bring on December 2019!

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