Wordle – A Game Reminiscent Of Simpler Times

By Ben Hamill - January 21 2022

Wordle – A Game Reminiscent Of Simpler TimesIt’s deceptively easy to play, but not nearly as easy to solve as it looks. It’s called Wordle, and with millions of users tuning in each day, it’s a word puzzle taking the internet by storm.

Once a day, players get to have a go at figuring out a five-letter word. And with only six guesses allowed to complete the word, players have only so many chances to make a day with Wordle count, which is thought to be a huge factor in terms of the game’s enormous appeal.

How To Play

Playing requires no lengthy explanation. In fact, the rules are fairly straightforward.

Players compete by entering a five-letter word into a row of boxes. Upon hitting “enter” the game will reveal how many of the letters have been entered correctly. The appearance of a green box means the correct letter has been entered into the correct place, while a yellow box indicates the letter to be correct, but not the position. Lastly, a grey box means the letter is completely incorrect for that particular word and day.

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Once the colours have appeared, the race is on for making the correct deductions. Top spelling and logic skills obviously come in handy at this point in time. Still – even booklovers have been known to play a regular game of cat-and-mouse with Wordle’s word of the day.

Accidental Genius

According to an article run by the New York Times, the popular Word puzzle game was developed by software engineer Josh Wardle. He created the game for his puzzle-loving wife as a time-passer and was eventually persuaded by friends and family to make it public in October last year.

Right now, Wordle is played by more than 2.5 million daily users. And according to creator Wardle, the game’s popularity continues to take him by surprise.

Why So Popular?

When Jost Wardle created Wordle, he purposefully wanted to get away from many of the things typically included in a mobile game. And it’s likely the absence of things like push notifications, sign-up prompts, and ads that have led to Wordle’s instant rise to fame.

Wordle is a reminder of simpler and more innocent times, believes its creator.

But according to Wardle, the game’s incredible popularity hasn’t been all good news. Now that it’s gone viral, Wardle says he’s left with a sense of responsibility to keep things going and interesting and working as they should.

Still, he says he feels happy that his game has brought so much joy and relaxation to people during such a difficult time in everybody’s lives.