What Gamers Can Expect From Windows 11

By Ben Hamill - June 29 2021

What Gamers Can Expect From Windows 11

On Thursday, Microsoft gave players a little glimpse into what exactly they can expect from the software giant. This insight was shared during a virtual event, which put the latest operating features that can be expected from Windows 11 on full display. Microsoft’s revelations have certainly caused a stir amongst gamers, who discovered that the tech added to the upcoming enhancement is already available on Xbox. Now, users can expect to be using it on their personal computers too.

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What’s Different About Windows 11?

Of course, there are a fair few differences between Windows 11 and any of the operating systems that have come before it. With each update of Windows, Microsoft spends years crafting the system under closely guarded secret. Before an update is formally announced, the software industry becomes abuzz with rumours of what could possibly be coming. Thankfully, after weeks of speculation, Thursday’s virtual event cleared a few things up.

For one, gamers will be pleased to know that the Xbox app will also be built directly into Windows 11. Those who hold subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass will not only be able to download games from the app’s vast catalogue and gain access to all of the services on offer, but they will also be able to stream a wide range of titles via Xbox’s famed cloud gaming feature. Furthermore, cross-play between personal computers and consoles will also finally be available.

As the latest update to the Microsoft family, Windows 11 is the first upgrade from the software firm since 2015, when it released Windows 10. As yet, the company, founded by Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen in 1975, has not provided a release date for the upcoming operating system. However, it did confirm that it would be available for users to make the most of by the end of this year.

Windows 11 Features

Two of the biggest new features coming to Windows 11 are DirectStorage and Auto HDR. These features were introduced as a means of improving how PCs actually handle gaming. Both of these were first introduced on the Xbox Series console. With the addition of Auto HDR, it will be much easier for Windows to turn on high dynamic range, if the hardware allows for it. This will afford players the best visual experience possible. DirectStorage, on the other hand, loads a game’s assets directly onto the graphics card to prevent the processor from slowing down.

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