Wasaga Residents Want To Keep Money At Home

By Ben Hamill - March 04 2019

Wasaga Residents Want To Keep Money At Home

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment has put its money on the small town of Wasaga Beach and has repeatedly confirmed its commitment towards the community. And yet, residents remain worried about one very important aspect: the exact location of the soon-to-be-constructed casino complex.

Gateway has not yet made a final decision about exactly where it plans to erect its new project, but residents are growing increasingly more concerned that just a little too much to the left or a little too much to the right will have the effect of neighbouring towns reaping the rewards of what was intended for the residents of Wasaga.

Highway 26, especially, is a decided no-no, due to possible tax implications for surrounding businesses. Particularly passionate protestors have already erected placards that strongly advise against constructing the casino anywhere near the highway and its niche business hub. What’s more, construction anywhere near Highway 26 will pose definite proximity problems, due to the short distance to neighbouring towns Collingwood, Clearview and Stayner.

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Waterworld Marks The Spot

Residents are pushing hard for construction to commence at the location of the former Waterworld property. The area surrounding the property is already fully developed, and well within the municipal borders of Wasaga. Further development will only serve to make the area and its surrounds even more attractive, and there will be no need to draw straws over matters of territory and beneficial rights.

What’s more, the property is surrounded by existing eateries and luxury accommodation; regular draw-cards for tourists. These can only benefit from the presence of yet another major local attraction.

No Simple Decision

For now, it’s up to the powers that be to make a final decision regarding the preferred location. A deadline has been set for April, by which time the final vote must be cast. The casino group has said that all five of the proposed locations would work well with its architectural guidelines and general preferences.

The incorporation of natural light will enjoy priority, and the buildings will be constructed in such a way that provision will be made for the inclusion of large windows. The surrounds are more important that what one would immediately think; most notably because of the fact that the construction will include a family-friendly alternative for those who do not wish to gamble, but merely want to enjoy a relaxing evening out with their children. For this purpose, popular restaurant venues MATCH Eatery & Public House and The Buffet will also have to be accommodated.

In return for the privilege of becoming part of the local community, Gateway Casinos will be making regular contributions to the community once the casino and entertainment complex is fully operational.

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