Top Capital Venture Invests $16.5M In Singularity 6

By Ben Hamill - August 14 2019

Top Capital Venture Invests $16.5M In Singularity 6

Forget jabbing away feverishly at a keyboard trying to get on-screen characters to respond to your beck and call, because the future of video gaming is very different to the games we once played. Not that we were in any way stuck in any sort of cave in the last decade or so. We did, after all, have AR and at least some levels of interactive gaming to turn to, evidenced by our having travelled to locations we would never have even considered visiting before, and all in an effort to hunt down the next virtual prize.

But then it happened. The Fortnite shift. We were drawn to the massive platform like moths to a flame. As for creators Epic Games, payday soon came, and needless to say, the going was good. Very good. $15 billion good, to be precise, based on the latest investor-valuation.

But Fortnite’s near-overnight success aside, not all investors are equally keen to gamble on its continued future ascent. That and the fact that some have seen and want to seize the gap of getting in early and from the ground up, even if the virtual world that they are investing in isn’t Fortnite itself.

Investors like Andreessen Horowitz, for example.

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Behold The Virtual Reality

The American capital venture investment firm mere days ago announced that it is now leading the way in terms of the sheer size of an investment to the tune of $16,5 million in a Series A driven by a software-tech start-up called Singularity 6.

And, says Singularity 6, a start-up which just so happens to be co-founded by a pair of ex-Riot Games founders, its much more interested in creating a full-on virtual society than what it is in building one more keyboard-bashing shoot ’em up-style rage fest.

A virtual society driven by intelligent AI, no less, and a place where users are able to create a fully functional virtual life, right down to the cultivation of relationships with other members of the virtual community.

A New Way To Do Gaming

Andreessen Horowitz may be in big, but they weren’t in first. It was LVP that last year led the Series A round by seeding in on the project at a cool $2,5 million investment. Money that is being put towards the creation of a world that will begin to “tackle the community simulation space” according to Singularity 6 CEO Anthony Leung.

Leung wasn’t able at the time of his comment to reveal too much more, save to say that Singularity 6 is tirelessly working on the development of its first project and described it as a “game and tech company” committed to the cause of creating deep and compelling game-play.

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