Niantic’s Pokémon Fest To Go Virtual

By Ben Hamill - May 31 2020

Niantic’s Pokémon Fest To Go Virtual

The annual Pokémon Go Fest will this year be held online instead of the usual hosting by select cities the world over. The fest previously allowed players to meet up at physical locations around the globe, which locations typically involved large parks and common outside areas. Due to current physical distancing restrictions, the previous approach will not be possible this year. The very first fest was held in Chicago in 2017, with locations planned for future events including Germany and Japan.

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But there’s a positive side to the change to make up for the inability to meet up with others in person, as for the first time this year, players will be permitted to attend both days of the annual event, as opposed to players previously having had been restricted to choose between Day 1 and Day 2 of the event, due to the obvious challenges associated with crowded public gatherings. Since the logistical nightmare of space is now officially out the way, there remained no good reason left for why players could not compete on both days instead of only one.

More Tickets This Year

Developer and software product owner Niantic have announced that it this year plans on increasing the number of available tickets for the reason that the event has been moved online. Niantic director of marketing and global events, namely Michael Steranka, wrote in a recent blog post that Niantic wants to make as many ‘Trainers’ tickets available for purchase as possible and that the global nature of the 2020 instalment of the event makes this to be a possibility.

Niantic has not yet said what participants can expect of the 2-day global virtual even, save to say that this year’s instalment will focus on new experiences, surprises and gameplay.

AR Gone Virtual (Again)

Niantic-developed Pokémon Go is a well-known Augmented Reality (AR) game that is known to rely intensively on specifically physical outdoor exploration. The company has since stay-home-orders having been implemented world-wide around mid-March, released various adaptations to the game in the form of limited-time remote-enabled features such as virtual raids. This was done so as to ensure that players are in a position to continue having fun even when unable to venture outdoors with their friends and fellow gamers.

Not too much has been tinkered with regarding the core goal of the game, which is to capture virtual monsters by making use of a smartphone. The only difference now is that players aren’t at present advised to do so whilst interacting with objects or other players outside of their homes.

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