Video Games Officially Becoming Less Violent

By Ben Hamill - July 01 2021

Video Games Officially Becoming Less Violent

The topic of video games causing violence in itself may be very debatable, but regardless of opinions, it seems that violent video games are losing popularity. Gaming publication performed a study on this year’s E3, otherwise known as the biggest gaming entertainment showcase in the world. found that, when compared to previous E3 events, only 33% of the titles showcased this year were violent. This is a massive 50% drop when compared to 2019.

Looking more closely it seems that around 115 non-violent games were being promoted. Of those 115 6 came from the famously family friendly Nintendo, and 6 came from console gaming giant Xbox. The big star in this case is the new E3 platform known as Wholesome Games. The name pretty much says it all and is largely why the new trend can be seen.

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Wholesome Games

In 2019 independent developer Matthew Taylor founded Wholesome Games. His stated intention was to draw more attention to games that favoured thoughtful and uplifting themes, rather than the more familiar theme of violence. Amazingly, after only just 2 presentations Taylor’s platform now has an impressive 200,000 dedicated followers.

The E3 presentation, which lasted for an hour, promoted 75 titles in total, most of which largely focused on gameplay that did not include any sort of violence. Though, it should be noted that arguably some of the games did have violent elements, even if in the most comical or thought provoking ways. Just not the sort of gore seen in more mainstream releases.

The Titles

Looking at some of the games that were showcased, we have a café simulator, a pigeon that skateboards, a cat that operates a farm, and a dog photography simulator. Yes, it certainly seems like light-hearted, leaning towards cutesy entertainment, and likely not everyone will be interested.

But, according to Taylor, his goal is to spotlight more than just cuteness. He took a moment to explain that Wholesome Games isn’t just about making adorable titles, but also projects that favour casual gamers. He stressed that virtually none of his chosen games require fast reflexes or feature complicated mechanics. Instead, he pointed out, they were more about interesting characters, thought provoking themes, and relaxation.

He concluded that now, more than ever given the world health crisis, players are looking for an alternative to the ultra-violence focused on in the mainstream marketplace.

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