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As more and more video games come out on the market, gamers are relying on casino consultants to provide informed and updated video game news which will allow them to stay updated about their favourite video games live. The reviews are intended to guide both veteran players and new gamers as they re-examine old favourites, explore new video games and identify the best video games for their personal needs and expectations.

You can find all about the top video games in Canada when you read the slots review. Casino advisors have created the slots review to summarise their impressions of each new game’s features and attributebreak-away-slots.htmls. The reviews even give previews about upcoming video games. The video game news is a valuable resource for all players, regardless of whether they prefer to play free video games or video games for real money.

Summary of Video Gaming News for Mobile Gamers

Much of today’s video gaming news centres on the new mobile platform which allows players to enjoy all of their favourite slots on their smartphone or tablet device. The games review gives mobile gamblers an overview about how to sign up for a mobile casino account, mobile features and mobile gaming safety.

Playing slots on mobile involves signing into the online casino via the browser on your smartphone or tablet device. Open the casino URL on your mobile browser and navigate to the mobile casino’s URL.  If you already have a casino account, you can sign in to access the text message that will bring you into the video games’ lobby. If you haven’t yet established an account at the casino, you can create your account within minutes on the casino’s sign up page which you can access right on your mobile screen.

Once you’ve entered the casino lobby you’ll be able to select any of your preferred slot machines and start playing right on your mobile. The mobile casino offers some of the best audio and visual enhancements in the online casino industry. Playing slots on your mobile smartphone or tablet allows you to enjoy high definition graphics, realistic animations and a sound track of casino sounds and themed music which combine to create an authentic Las Vegas casino event, right on your mobile screen.

Video Games

Video gaming news notes that slot machines continue to dominate the casino. They are highly popular because gamers enjoy the interactive nature of online slots. There are hundreds of slot machine options, ranging from simple spin-and-win three-reel classic slot machines and dynamic, high-energy five-reel video slots. Today’s new video games present multiple features that were not found on the old three reel slots —  Scatters, wild features, bonus games, free spins, 243 Ways to Win, gamble rounds, stacked wilds, rolling reels, Wild reels and other elements that add more fun and more excitement to the game.

Another reason that video slots are so popular involves the video games’ themes which engage gamers’ personal interests and fantasies. The games include storylines with plots of romance, intrigue, mystery, magic, history, science fiction, mythology, mysticism, adventure, whimsy, travel, humour and much more.

Free Video Games

There are numerous opportunities for video game enthusiasts to add to their gaming pleasure with casino promotions that give them the opportunity to play free video games. New gamers enjoy up to 500 free credits during their introductory week of casino activity. If you’ve just joined the casino, each of your first four deposits nets you a matching deposit in return for up to 500 credits of free gaming fun.

Following your Welcome Week you’ll enter the Loyalty Points Program that gives you up to 350 free credits every month. So regardless of how many credits you’re betting, you’ll receive 350 match gaming credits every month for more free gaming activity.

The casino also invites you to take advantage of the casino’s weekly, monthly and seasonal bonuses that give you even more opportunities to play free video games.

Video Games in the Free Mode

The online casino offers two convenient gaming modes that enable you to play according to your needs and expectations. If you want to practice a new game or review an old favourite you can sign into play in the casino’s Free Mode. Casino advisors suggest that all players take advantage of the Free Mode in order to practice their gaming strategy and ensure that they know the rules and levels of their video games. Once you’re satisfied that you’re ready to play for real money you can navigate over to the Real Mode, make your deposit and start playing for real cash prizes.

When you decide to start playing in the real mode, you’ll need to link your digital banking account with your casino account. This will ensure that you will be able to make your deposits and withdraw your funds in a method that suits your financial activities. The online casino supports numerous ebanks so you can make your transactions easily and conveniently. You can conduct your casino banking with ewallet cards, evouchers, credit or debit cards or with an ebank that facilitates wire transfers to and from your local Canadian bank account.