Demand For Dealers A Positive Sign For Vegas

By Ben Hamill - April 14 2021

Demand For Dealers A Positive Sign For Vegas

Owners of Las Vegas schools that train people how to become casino dealers say their graduates have no problem at all getting hired. So much so, that nearly all of their students are getting hired now that the global economy is once again experiencing an up-swing.

Tourists, too, are making a slow but steady return to Sin City. Visitor volume tallies now show that Vegas hotels are on weekends reporting occupancy rates as high as 95 percent. Also, that the likely reason behind people returning to the Strip and its surroundings is the growing availability of vaccines at a national level.

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New Demand For Dealers

So dismal did the situation become at the height of the global health crisis, that many resorts opted to close their hotel towers mid-week over a steep decline in bookings. But now that folks are finding their way back, many of these, including the Venetian’s Palazzo, are beginning to offer mid-week stayover deals once again.

It’s precisely this return to a semblance of normality that has spurred a demand for trained dealers and casino employees in general, says Jesse Lauer, who owns the Vegas-based PCI Dealer School Inc. According to Lauer, now that casinos are again experiencing feet and traffic, there’s a new need been created for trained employees – and especially dice dealers.

Students attending dealers schools could look to pay anything between $500 and $12,000. Lessons vary depending on the particulars of the training, with these lasting from six weeks to several months.

Those who successfully graduate typically move on to paying jobs – with earnings ranging between $35,000 at casinos located off-Strip, and more than $50,000 at mega-venues located on the Las Vegas Strip.

There’s Money To Be Made

Cosmopolitan dealer Lauren Goldberg says she made around $75,000 in 2020 – this despite that casinos and resorts in Nevada were closed for weeks on end. And according to what Goldberg told members of the press, 2021 promises to be a year even more lucrative than the previous one.

According to Goldberg, who also works as a general manager at CEG Dealer School, casinos and dealers alike have been making more money during the post-reopening period than what they did before the national closures. Securing a job at a top Vegas megaresort, the “right” type of property, often touches on a $100,000-a-year job, she explained.

Also creating a world of new job opportunities in Vegas are the many new casino resorts currently in the process of opening. Resorts World Las Vegas, for one, is currently filling as many as 6,000 positions in anticipation of its grand opening in the summer.

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