Steam Deck Game Verification Now Possible

By Ben Hamill - January 24 2022

Steam Deck Game Verification Now PossibleWe’re now less than a month away from Valve’s big Steam Deck launch. Part AMD-powered gaming PC, part handheld gaming system, this unassuming device promises a powerful gaming session in the palm of your hand.

But the question begs: what about the games?

Valve announced in October last year that it had begun reviewing the games currently available from the Steam catalogue for compatibility with Steam Deck. Currently, a game’s status can be checked via the Steam shopfront, with games labelled Playable, Unsupported, or Unknown.

Initial Small Steps

While to date only 67 of the 60,000+ games available on Steam have been labelled, users have started to take notice of the progress being made. It should be noted that Steam Deck status isn’t currently available for view directly from store listings, it can be accessed on SteamDB.

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Some limitations do exist. However, these are seemingly minor. One such example is The Witcher 3. Even though rated as Playable only, and not fully compatible, it appears that it is only rated as such because of the small display of some in-game text, which makes it hard to see and read.

As for the handful of unsupported games on Steam’s list, the good news is that only Persona 4 Golden appears unsupported. The remaining games classified as unsupported are all VR games (no support for VR tech on Steam Deck).

A Workaround Alternative

For those unsure of how to access SteamDB for viewing compatibility, the following workaround exists for direct access to listings via Steam itself – with due acknowledgement to redditor Priception-Official:

  • First, press CTRL + Shift + M while in an open tab on Firefox browser
  • Next, set the screen resolution to 900x800
  • Then, click on Settings at the top right hand side of the browser, and enable Show User Agent
  • Next, type Valve Steam Gamepad into the UA field, while ensuring Touch Simulation is enabled
  • Finally, head on over to to view games

Once you’ve completed all the steps, you should see the Steam Deck Compatibility indicator appearing next to those games that have been reviewed.

Progress On The Cards

Even though there’s no indication at this stage for when verification results can be expected to appear on standard Steam pages (without the elaborate Firefox workaround), Valve are expected to begin rolling out verification test results soon.

According to a Valve representative, tests will be run on a small scale over the next couple of weeks.

The aim is for a significant ramp-up nearer to the date of launch.