Uncharted 3 Mobile Game Review

By Ben Hamill - October 30 2014

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Learn All About the Game before Playing

Players who are not familiar with the series of Uncharted mobile games should definitely read up of the Uncharted 3 Mobile Game Review before starting to play this epic adventure game. Uncharted 3 also known as Drakes Deception is an adventure that takes players around the world in their interactive search for the Atlantis of the Sands. Nathan Drake is a well-known treasure hunter who will go to any lengths in order to find the treasure he is looking for. Drake has no limits and is willing to try anything and everything from shoot outs in the desserts to car battles in the center of different cities around the world. This special game is available for PlayStation 3 users only. It is considered more of a Hollywood movie that the player works his way through as he plays the part of Drake and looks for the hidden treasures and combats the many different obstacles along the way.

Incredible Thrills and Adventures Throughout

The Uncharted 3 Mobile Game Review does not even come close to communicating the incredible action and adventure that this game offers. The game starts out in a pub in the heart of London, England. Players meet Drake as he is relaxing and hears about this new treasure that he must have. The game commences and players are taken all over the world where they fight in death defying gun battles, climb treacherous mountains, cross ravines of death and fly through storms and terror infested areas in order to get closer to the treasure. This game is not just about fighting, at different stages along the way players are met with puzzles and other brain stretching tasks that require quick thinking and instant reflexes in order to proceed. There is also a story line to this game with flashbacks to the childhood of Nathan Drake and the time when he first met his companion Sully. New characters that were not previously known in the preceding games also make their appearance; Chloe and Elena are old friends of Sully.

Portable and Easy to Use

The colours and graphics of this game are incredible and despite the small screen of the PS3, players really feel involved in the game. Each scene is an incredible sight to behold and offers a new take in a different location around the world. There are scenes in built up cities and there are scenes in Arabian desserts and there are calm scenes where Drake takes a break to work out the solutions to puzzles. This game can be purchased from Amazon and other well-known mobile games suppliers or players can try and find it second hand or borrow from a friend. Whichever way the player gets hold of the game, he will not be sorry. It is magical and thrilling, exciting and scary all at the same time. Players can carry the game around with them and play whenever they want thanks to the portability of the PS3. And, with the subject of the game and the movie type story that develops as the player enjoys the different scenes, it is a great entertainment piece. The Uncharted 3 Mobile Game Review has only positive things to say about Drakes Deception and with the many different scenes that are built into the game, the player never gets bored.

The advantage of playing on the PlayStation 3 is that the player can stop at any time and come back to the game at a later time and carry on where he left off. This Uncharted 3 game offers a single player campaign and multiplayer option with a team of four that constantly sticks with the player throughout his game. This is different from the other Uncharted games where the players constantly interchanged. Help is available for the game around the clock online and offline giving confidence to each player and leaving him free to concentrate on the task of endurance and survival and the puzzles and questions that he has to ponder and solve in order to proceed through this Hollywood epic style game.