Ubisoft’s eSports Film Makes Debut

By Ben Hamill - January 27 2019

Ubisoft’s eSports Film Makes Debut

The number of spectators in the eSports world is predicted to exceed the 380 million mark in 2019. According to Statista, around 6.6 billion hours of competitive gaming were watched last year, and the Global Association of Federal Sports Associations and the International Olympic Committee have already started to hold yearly forums for the sport as well.

Among the many games that have inspired this boom in spectators is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige, which was developed by global studio Ubisoft. So when Ubisoft aimed to tell the story of their elite Pro League Rainbow Six athletes, they turned to Artifact Nonfiction and David Grabias to bring the tale to life.

Artifact NF’s films for HBO and PBS have all been incredibly well received and have gathered many awards in their time. The company’s recent documentary for Tim Hortons The Away Game, based on Kenya’s sole ice hockey team trekking to Canada, hit viral status this past summer too.

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Three Players’ Stories Are Told

For Ubisoft’s film, To Win It All, director Grabias and his team followed three players from Brazil, Denmark and Canada over a six month season. The season eventually led up to the Invitational; a coveted yearly Rainbow Six Seige tourney that boasts 16 teams from across the globe battling it out for a prize pool worth over $1 million in cash.

The filming team pre-interviewed dozens of skilled eSports players before focusing on the tales of Pengu, Zig and Canadian. They then filmed each player throughout the season taking place at the time, over three different continents. The players were captured in their team houses, in tournament arenas, and even in their own homes.

eSports Film Released on Jan. 24

While filming, Grabias and his team delved deep into the origins of each player’s dedication and passion for the sport. At the end of it all, the result was a feature-length documentary that combines three unforgettable stories of success from three amazing pros.

Even Grabias has admitted how struck he was by the courage and persistence of the players and their families, hinting that the film unveils their sacrifices, wins, defeats, frustrations, and of course, the build-up to the final round. Even their trials and tribulations along the way, including being raised poor by a single mother and finding a new identity after a series of crippling injuries, have made the cut.

To Win It All made its debut across the USA and Canada in theaters on January 24, 2019. It was also screened live for nearly 10,000 spectators at the 2019 Six Invitational tournament before being released across countless online platforms and movie outlets.

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