Trump Temporarily Booted By Twitch

By Ben Hamill - July 02 2020

Trump Temporarily Booted By Twitch

The world of social media has apparently had its fill of hate-speech and overall hateful conduct voiced by US President Donald Trump. Gaming live streaming platform Twitch, a subsidiary of online sales powerhouse Amazon, earlier this week confirmed having temporarily suspended Trump’s user account as a result of the president’s ongoing habit of posting offending content to the platform. The offending content has since the suspension been removed, added a Twitch spokesperson.

Twitch in its explanation for the removal of the president’s account refers to two separate posts made two years apart – both of which are connected to presidential rallies conducted by Trump. The first was posted during his initial presidential kickoff campaign, during which Trump referred to neighbouring Mexico as a country not in the habit of sending “good people” cross-border into the US, but instead, sending the unwanted plebs who bring along with them crimes such as rape and the abuse of illegal drugs. Mexico isn’t providing the US with the “right” people, Trump was quoted as saying at the time.

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That Time In Tulsa

The second post resulted from a more recent incident and is probably the content responsible for having gotten the president temporarily booted from the platform. Trump at his recent rally in Tulsa referred to Mexican illegal immigrants as tough hombres making their way into the homes of vulnerable Americans.

And according to Twitch, its not as if Trump’s team was in any way unaware of the rules of the site and the content allowed. A spokesperson for the platform confirmed having provided the team with specific guidance when Trump’s channel was first launched, including that no exceptions would be made for offensive political or news content. Action would be taken regardless; the team was informed at the time.

Reddit Led The Way

But Twitch’s opinion on Number 1’s habit of offending others is no voice in the wilderness. The news surrounding Trump’s Twitch ban follows yet another similar social media ban – and a recent one at that. Reddit not too long ago banned the massively popular The_Donald subreddit, Reddit account that enjoyed the support of about 790,000 users, most of them die-hard Trump supporters keen on sharing content about the president and his comings and goings.

Reddit at the time of the ban explained that a recent update to its user policies was what had led to the removal of the mentioned subreddit. Users and communities promoting hate based on race, identity, minority-status, etc., would immediately be banned, said Reddit.

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