Twitch To Ban Casino Content

By Ben Hamill - August 17 2021

Twitch To Ban Casino Content

Twitch, the world’s leading online streaming service, has made a move to ban gambling streams. This has been done in order to protect its users from any harmful content that may turn out to be scams. The platform has completely done away with any referral codes and links to online Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, slots, and the like.

Trainwrecks and xQc, some of the platform’s most popular content creators, have been strong champions of gambling meta shared on the platform and others like it. Now, however, Twitch is officially barring the biggest incentive that content creators have to run such streams to begin with.

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Enforcement Delayed To 17 August

In a statement on the matter, Twitch announced that it will continue to monitor all content that is related to gambling. It also informed users that its approach to such content moving forward will be updated as is necessary. However, it did give users a grace period to remove any banned content from their channels and as such, delayed enforcement of this new rule until 17 August 2021.

This decision to remove gambling related content from the platform comes hot on the heels from numerous debates hosted between streamers, including the likes of Asmongold, Pokimane, MoistCr1TiKal and more. The content creators have made a point of speaking out against gambling on the platform. However, some streamers such as Trainswrecks and xQc are insistent that their content has always been above water and transparent.

More Details On Twitch’s Statement

The statement about the banning of the sharing of gambling referral links and codes was released by Twitch on 11 August. It encouraged the platform’s creators to clear out all content that promoted streams tied to any of the services that have propelled the gamba meta.

While the new rule did not come into effect immediately, streamers have been given less than one week to clear out their channels and to make sure that they adhere to the new rules. Twitch also confirmed that if any further action against gambling streams needs to be taken, the platform will see to it that its done.

The advisory also added that this decision was made so as to prevent any harm and scams created by gambling services that sponsor content on Twitch but might be a bit questionable. It seems that from now on, streamers and the gambling sites that they have been forming partnerships with, will be less inclined to run sponsored streams

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