TRON Makes Online Casino Headlines

By Ben Hamill - April 20 2019

TRON Impresses With Record Online Casino Wagers

Cryptocurrencies have come a lot way since they were first introduced to the world as anonymous currencies used to pay for things on sites like Silk Road. The initial connection was a slightly controversial one, especially since the FBI closed Silk Road down some years ago. But, as these things go, when the panic had settled down and we finally listened to reason, we gradually began to realise that much like money, the fact that Bitcoin had been used to pay for illegal drugs and weapons on Silk Road, did not make Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, the guilty party.

Today, there are many digital currencies in use, and one that is really making headlines at the moment is the Tronix TRX. The TRX is a crypto-coin that is used on the decentralised gaming platform TRON. A recent study suggests that during the first quarter of 2019 alone, more than $1 billion in TRON was wagered at decentralised casinos.

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TRON Is Online Casino-Focused

People are attracted to cryptocurrencies, and specifically TRON, due to the fact that it’s completely secure. TRON is purchased from an accredited financial services provider and that the last time that anyone’s credit or debit card enters into the equation. From there on out, the currency is in use and nothing else. This method of payment removes all of the risks associated with using any form of personal financial information online out of the equation.

TRON decentralised casinos have been popping up all over the show, and there are now a total of 10 decentralised casino and gaming platforms. These casinos make use of intelligent digital contracts, and just about all functions are performed by making use of the contracts. The integrity of funds are ensured, and in addition to the safety issues having been taken care of, payments and withdrawals are for once a walk in the park.

MGA Paves The Way

The importance of regulated cryptocurrencies cannot be overemphasised. The technology is bound to become even more critical as the financial services and its place on the internet evolves even more over the next couple of years. And evolve it will; the indications in this regard are clear. The MGA, for one, realised this early on in the process. The regulator last year announced the launch of the first Beta phase of its Sandbox project. The project aims to put the use of cryptocurrencies on MGA-regulated casino platforms to the test. Not necessarily to see whether it would work; because this we know already; but instead, to push the limits in terms of just how expandable and bendable the technology really is, especially within the online casino framework.

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