New GO Station To Be Funded By Gaming Group

By Ben Hamill - March 15 2019

GO Station to be Funded

If it’s true that a country is only as strong as its public transit system, then Toronto-based Woodbine Entertainment is to the region as what spinach was to Popeye. A brand new GO station is in the pipeline for the community in the vicinity of the popular Woodbine Racetrack, and Transportation Minster Jeff Yurek and a brand of Metrolinx representatives have not made any secret of the fact that is being paid for not by the hard-earned money coming out of tax-payers’ pockets, but by the Woodbine Entertainment group.

According to pre-construction calculations, the new station is going to have the group some CA$75 million out of pocket. The project is however still in its initial cost surveying and planning phase, and some are of the opinion that this figure could actually end up being closer to anything between CA$90 million and CA$100 million.

That’s not the kind of money just lying about in anyone’s bank accounts but if Woodbine were to play its cards right, so to speak, the investment could very well expunge itself before too much time has passed.

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Benefits At No Personal Cost

Local government structures in Ontario have confirmed that they are partnering closely with Metrolinx and Woodbine so as to ensure that the best possible results are achieved with the allocated budget now at the project’s disposal.

According to Yurek, right from the start, the main goal had been that the benefit to the community should not cost members of the community even a single penny. Projections are promising, and those living and working in the vicinity of the proposed construction site will benefit from more than just convenient transport services.

Locals will be employed and involved in everything from the initial construction phase right down to the polishing and logistics. Once the project is complete, more jobs will become available in the local transportation sector, as obviously the new GO station will not manage and run itself.

GO Is Only The Beginning

What’s more, and this is the really exciting bit, is that the GO station is only the beginning. Government has said that on its part, it is willing to invest in brand in a new housing development scheme in the area. If this were to come to fruition, an entire community will be established around the new station. What’s more, access to the region will have been facilitated, making the entire prospect even more attractive to investors.

The new GO station will replace the old and out dated Etobicoke North station.

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