Gaming Prophecies and Predictions For 2019 & Beyond

By Ben Hamill - April 19 2019

Predictions for The Future of Gaming

It’s that time of the year again; we know it all too well. A time for prophecies and predictions about what may or may not happen next in the world of gaming and iGaming. Discussions, conferences and special events transform into discussion-platforms where veterans, visionaries and investors gather to trade ideas, make predictions and discuss solutions to possible future challenges. It’s an exciting time of the year indeed, and at the close of each year it’s very interesting to look back on these discussions and take stock of just how accurate the predictions have been.

2019 is seeing its fair share of opinions being raised about the future of the gaming and entertainment industry. We take a look at some popular projections.

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A New Era For Slots And Table Games

Industry experts agree: consumers want more from slots than the same old features and themes on repeat with just a tweak here and there to make the content look fresh and new. The fact that new developers are entering the playing field almost daily isn’t really helping the cause either, especially since most of these enter the game only to flood the market with more of the same that everybody else is doing already.

Those in the know predict that the dividing lines between slots and ordinary video games will blur more and more as time wears on. Popular slots are those incorporating typical video game elements such as progress bars, various different levels and even interfaces that can be customized by the player. A prime example of this is NetEnt’s Blitz series. Storytelling too, is making its way into the slots industry. More slots themed around popular television shows are emerging than ever before.

Table games are receiving the work-about too. Innovative independent developers like Switch, one of Microgaming’s exclusive suppliers, are breathing new life into old classics like Roulette and Blackjack. Predictions are that table games will enjoy more attention in the way of a design-evolution during the second half of 2019.

Live Casino Games

This is a discussion all on its own. Industry leaders like Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play are really mixing things up with their live casino offerings. Aside from the exciting new levels of engagement being achieved, the live casino industry is even changing the way land-based casinos do business. Many land-based casino brands have taken to broadcasting live dealer games from their own lobbies.

Live casino technology has been named as that which will ultimately erase all dividing lines between land-based, online and smart-device mobile gaming. The future of gaming appears to indeed be a very exciting place to be headed towards.

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