NetEnt Pulls Street Fighter II Slot After 1 Week

By Ben Hamill - June 02 2020

NetEnt Pulls Street Fighter II Slot After 1 Week

Leading online casino games developer NetEnt has only a week after having gone live with its Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot, completely pulled the game from circulation. Based on the popular Street Fighter arcade video games franchise of the early 90s, the slot was from the start primed for excellent reception among operators and players alike, which is why it’s all the more disappointing that the game appears to have been temporarily canned.

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NetEnt’s official communication regarding the temporary suspension of the online slot details a suspend decision having been taken following what the developer described as “internal concerns” over certain responsible gambling issues related to players’ staking (betting) behaviour. The concerns cited by the developer appears to be somehow connected to player bet sizes changing the closer players get to the online slot’s bonus rounds, with formal wording released by NetEnt’s communications team being somewhere along the lines of player staking behaviour potentially impacting the intended “gameplay experience”.

Technical Issue To Blame

According to a report ran by a prominent gambling forum, an official internal email  letter of communication either provided to partner operators or intended for distribution among partner operators, and drafted by NetEnt’s Head of Communications, Victor Melander, refers to the game having been temporarily disabled due to a technical anomaly having impacted the in-game criteria connected to the triggering of the game’s bonus round, which supposedly refers to the slot’s Free Spins feature.

In sticking with the original Street Fighter II arcade-style video games concept, the player would either defeat a chosen opponent in a particular fight or would lose the battle against the player-selected nemesis. NetEnt made use of a switch-over opportunity as conditional precursor for launching Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot’s Free Spins feature, meaning that if the leaked internal communication is in fact the original email either sent or intended to have been sent to operators, then this particular games mechanic will have been the culprit at technical fault.

All Is Well, Says NetEnt

The supposedly leaked email furthermore assures operators that Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot had up until the point of the online game having been pulled by NetEnt, been performing well within the expected parameters published in terms of the tested math model relating to the published RTP percentage, and with specific reference made to this applying to compliance at network level.

The letter of communication then goes on to confirm that the game will in fact be re-released and that this would happen just as soon as its been certified compliant by NetEnt’s test facilities.

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