Steam Smashes Its Own Two-Year Record

By Ben Hamill - February 06 2020

Steam Smashes Its Own Two-Year Record

You know you’re pretty much the buzz and a big deal at that when you’re a personal record smasher in an industry the likes of the challenge that is the gaming industry. Steam has done it again. The games streaming platform has officially surpassed the 18.8k concurrently online player-mark, effectively beating its own record of two years ago by at least 300,000 players. Nice.

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The 2018 record was no doubt the work of none other than Playerunknown smash hit title Battleground. The current state of record-smashing affairs appears to not have been caused by any one game in particular but rather by a combination of many.

China Anyone?

The fact that Steam is making it like no other platform in mainland China has had much to do with its record performance over the course of the last couple of years. Now that Chinese appears to be pretty much set in stone as far as official un-official languages go on the global platform, owners the Valve are more determined than ever before to secure a Steam-launch on Chromebooks. Mobile play and Dota Underlords should also be mentioned here.

Quite significant to note; and most impressive at that; is that gaming giant EA, after having withdrawn its games from Steam in an attempt to boost its own streaming platform, recently made a grand return to Steam because of the platform’s unrivaled popularity. Steam is where the players are at and this isn’t about to change anytime soon.

15 Years In The Making

This year 15 years in existence, Steam is perfectly poised to remain at the top of its game, so to speak. The industry is moving further and further away from traditional console gaming and streaming is the new preferred method of getting one’s daily gaming fix.

Players find it particularly stimulating and engaging to be able to connect to a world of games via a central platform and network and chances are slim that this will ever revert to the old way of doing things. Big tech companies continue to improve on hardware and typical console-style software, but even the handful of consoles to have made it into the modern-day gaming market are all equipped with network link capabilities.

And if linking up with a platform worthy of mention was a thing, then that thing would be Steam. And judging by the drones of players navigating the platform each minute of the day, it very much is a thing indeed.

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