Starfield Could Launch As Early As November

By Ben Hamill - March 19 2021

Starfield Could Launch As Early As November

While it may be true that precious few details have been leaked about Bethesda’s upcoming new title Starfield, the new release has attracted a world of interest from the gaming community. And if a recent rumour is to be believed, Starfield could very well go live off the launchpad by as early as later this year.

Spreading the rumour has been supposed insider Jeff Grubb, who recently revealed during a Dealer Gaming stream that there exists a 90 per cent chance the hotly anticipated new Bethesda title will be officially unveiled at E3, and launched around November 2021.

Grubb was however quick to add that what he had revealed was what Microsoft and gaming studio Bethesda would like to see happen in terms of the anticipated timeline, but that such hopes were in no way a sure thing written in any sort of stone.

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Anything Can Happen

What should be kept in mind – and this had been alluded to by Grubb as well – is that much can happen within a very short space of time in the video gaming industry. End-development processes are in fact the stage most games run into a spot of trouble – not to mention the fact that the global health crisis too, continues to wreak havoc on the business of games making and publishing.

Starfield has been in the production pipeline for quite some time now, making a 2021 release date looking all the more likely. But the fact that very near nothing has been shown – other than the game’s logo – is sowing doubt as to how far exactly the production processes have progressed.

Other than a quickie trailer teased by Bethesda back in 2018, the studio has remained precariously mum about the new title. What’s more, the big Starfield reveal happened many moons before parent company ZeniMax was actually taken over by Microsoft, meaning it remains up in the air whether the game will even be made available outside of Microsoft’s own Xbox and PC platforms.

Starfield A Likely Exception

Although Microsoft did recently reveal that it will be keeping some Bethesda titles available on platforms other than its own, most would agree that it seems highly unlikely for this arrangement to include a brand-new title such as Starfield becoming available for release on PlayStation 5.

Microsoft will undoubtedly somewhere down the line want to call time on Bethesda releases being made available across the global gaming gamut. 

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