Stadia Rival Polystream Gets Cash Injection

By Ben Hamill - April 09 2019

Intel Capital Invests $12m In Stadia’s Rival

There’s a lot to be said for striking the iron while it’s still hot. But more often than not, there is actually something there to strike away at. Meet Polystream; the service intent on giving Google’s new games streaming service, the soon-to-be-launched Google Stadia, a run for its money even before its properly off the launch-pad. Main investor Intel Capital (IC) has already pledged funds to the tune of $12 million to the development and operation of the rival platform, and IC is by no means the only investor willing to put its money where its mouth is.

Other major investors include Lauder Partners and Wargaming Group Ltd. In the event that you haven’t the foggiest idea who Lauder is, it’s no harm done. Wargaming, on the other hand, should ring a bell or two. Creator of World of Warplanes, World of Warships and World of Warsteiner; with the last-mentioned being our favourite free-to-play brewery simulator. Not, if we’re honest, that we’ve come across any other sim-style games affording players the opportunity to brew their own beer.

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Funding Will Act As Kick-Start

But before we digress too far into digital beer-making fantasyland, it must be said that Polystream, unlike Stadia, will not exactly see the light of operational day any time soon. The message has been clear: Stadia will launch this year, and Polystream will not.

The reason being that the $12 million cash injection in all likelihood won’t even live to see the actual product launch. The cash was invested so that Polystream may come to fruition, as its currently still very much in an early-developmental stage. One cannot help but wonder whether this is just another attempt at revenge on the part of Intel Capital. As in ‘we don’t care what you’re doing because we’ll do it better”.

The fierce levels of rivalry between Google and Intel may have its roots in the distant past, but this thumb war is far from over.

Have You Heard Of Stadia?

Wargaming’s supposed involvement does put a completely different spin on things, as the Cyprus-based gaming giant would hardly be interested in backing a project simply to make a point. Especially when that point isn’t even its own to make.

The one definite advantage enjoyed by Polystream is the fact that indications are that a lion-sized chunk of allocated funding will be spent on marketing; something that, quite ironically, the search engine giant seems to have forgotten is necessary.

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