This Is Spinal Tap Slot Thrills Fans

By Ben Hamill - August 12 2018

New game by Blueprint Gaming, Spinal Tap

A new slots game has released from Blueprint Gaming, and the subject material is raising more than a few eyebrows. The game is based on the classic cult movie titled This Is Spinal Tap, a well-known mockumentary from the 80’s. A mockumentary, or fake documentary, imitates the style of an informative film, but portrays events that are entirely fictional. In this case the focus is on a non-existent band.

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An unusual theme for a slot for sure, but interestingly enough, the unusual combination works very well. The quirky game is fun, exciting, extremely well made, and features a number of memorable moments from the film. Die-hard fans are sure to have a good time, and likewise stand a good chance of walking away with loaded pockets. However, those unfamiliar with the film will still find much to enjoy.

Spinal Tap Online Slot

What Is Spinal Tap?

As popular as the film is with fans, those who are unfamiliar with it may end up scratching their heads, at least in terms of what the theme is all about. Which is to say; it helps to get an idea of what the classic mockumentary is all about, if wanting to get the most out of the slot. Spinal Tap, the fictional heavy metal band, has three members; Derek Albion Smalls, Nigel Tufnel, and David Ivor St. Hubbins. The three are pretentious and self obsessed, and the film pokes fun at them, comparing their laughable behavior to real bands that have similar characteristics.

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The new slot has 5 reels and 3 rows, with 243 Ways to Win. The design of the game features high resolution graphics, including recreations of the band member’s instruments, plus classic 80’s strobe light effects. All in all, it offers a cutting edge experience, referred to by Stephanie Kupperman, a director at the Creative Licensing Corporation, as one of the best executed licensed slots ever made.

Popular 80's cult movie, This Is Spinal TapPopular 80’s cult movie, This Is Spinal Tap

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Packed Full Of Special Features

The game has an interesting feature titled Rock Mode, which shifts play into overdrive. 5 reels transforms into 7, and the Ways to win are increased from 243 to 2187. Obviously, the cash flow is increased dramatically as well. Another special feature is titled VIP Access, which allows access to the Super Bet bonus. This potentially grants an impressive 11 free spins, which is certainly nothing to be sneezed at.

This Is Spinal Tap is available now to play online, and supports play on almost all smartphones and tablet too. Just be sure to bring your inner 80’s rocker, because this is one game that isn’t scared to go all out.

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