Sony Focused On Accelerated Content Roll-Out

By Ben Hamill - September 01 2020

Sony Focused On Accelerated Content Roll-Out

Whilst PlayStation maker Sony says it recognises the presence of fierce and increased competition in the console and computer games market, it also believes that the key to achieving ongoing success and holding on to its current position of dominance will be that of accelerating the speed at which it rolls out quality first-party games and content in future.

In a report released by Sony Interactive Entertainment late last week, the console gaming giant said that it expects the market rivalry posed by online PC gaming giants to only intensify exponentially as time wears on. Also, that in order to continue growing the PlayStation console brand, it will from now on out be making several proactive investments in the reinforcement and raising of content IP and brand value. The fostering of communities and of over-all user engagement will enjoy new positions of priority going forward, said the gaming giant in its statement.

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Better Haptics, Speed, Sound

As for how it plans to achieve all of the aforementioned goals, and in specific reference to the upcoming release of the new PS5, Sony said it will over the course of the next number of months be introducing new and ramped-up technologies in haptics, speed, and also sound. This particular endeavour, said the console games giant, will be made to run alongside an intensified strengthening of its user-faced data analysis processes. This, said Sony, will enable the company to form a much better idea of what all motivates users and what all can be relied on to better the current usability of games and hardware.

Practical considerations include plans to increase its capacity to roll out so-called triple-A games by acquiring additional games development companies. This, said Sony, will greatly boost the extent as well as the capacity of its Worldwide Studios association. Following last year’s high-profile acquisition of Insomniac Games, the association now comprises of a stunning 14 development houses.

Sony Says Re Future Aspirations

Sony’s report also revealed select details regarding what all the gaming giant hopes to focus on in the very near future.

Planned future endeavors include a renewed focus on creating truly immersive gaming experiences such as those made possible by VR (Virtual Reality) technology, creating content capable of covering a greater variety of formats and genres, and even exploring the possibility of creating a completely new portfolio of first-party games for PC. The latter obviously following Horizon Zero Dawn’s recent migration from console (PS4) to PC gaming format.

Though the console gaming giant has yet to reveal a specific release date for its new PS5 console, pre-orders leading up to the just-in-time-for-Christmas launch are expected to ultimately tally in the hundreds of thousands.  

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