Sony Files PS Patent For eSports Betting

By Ben Hamill - May 19 2021

Sony Files PS Patent For eSports Betting

PlayStation users may actually soon be able to place bets on live eSports matches using an automated system accessed via their consoles. This after gaming giant Sony Interactive Entertainment has now officially gone public with details of a patent filed with US patent authorities back in November 2019.

According to the provisions of US patent laws, new applications may only be made public after a time-lapse of eighteen months, which would explain the delay regarding the announcement. The patent filed by Sony reportedly names one Michael Chow to be the inventor of the new eSports betting system.

The patent apparently not only makes provision for betting systems being made available on PlayStation, but also across rival hardware such as consoles, computer systems, smartphones, tablets, and televisions.

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About Sony’s New System

The system will provide for the placing of wagers via a variety of different payment options, currencies, and digital wallets. These will include fiat, Bitcoin, virtual currencies, in-game assets, and even digital rights.

The basis of the platform will be the application of analytics from previous matches in order to place wagers on future ones. This will include the considering of metrics such as win-loss ratios, kill statistics, historical performances of teams and players, etc.

The system will furthermore offer specially customised bets based on a player’s betting history, with the options of cashing out early or doubling down also anticipated to be made available. Access will be made possible via a stream overlay, which will allow eSports enthusiasts access to everything from odds to bookmakers’ statistics. There will also be rewards for those who emerge successful from their eSports betting endeavours.

eSports’ Rise To The Top

While eSports betting by no means rivals traditional sports betting, it’s a form of betting that has become increasingly more popular. Today, many mainstream global bookmakers and sportsbooks offer to bettors a wide variety of eSports offerings.

While only certain states in the US allow eSports betting, the industry continues to grow and expand. New Jersey appears poised to join the eSports revolution soon, with Esports Entertainment Global having recently applied for a licence to operate in eSports betting from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Content. The aim is reportedly to launch the state’s first betting platform by later this year. EEG’s application and involvement in New Jersey’s budding gaming and betting industry is being made possible by a collaboration with Bally’s Corporation.

A possible cat in the chicken coop for Sony’s patent application may turn out to be the ever-contentious issue of loot boxes. Many lawmakers believe loot boxes constitute a form of gambling and that they’re akin to normalising problem gambling behaviour in underage players.

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