Social Games

By Ben Hamill - July 28 2014

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The Number One Played Games Today

Social games are the number one played games over the internet and mobile devices today. The online social games are free and allow players to log in and enjoy different style games and work their way through different levels with their usernames being displayed on the winner’s board. Players can proceed through the different levels by working their way up through the different tasks or buying more tokens in order to proceed more quickly.

By inviting friends to join in with the free online social games, players also receive extra tokens or power ups for the different games that there are available. The social games cover a wide range of topics and include fighting games, word games, arcade style games and even music guessing games. These virtual social games are so popular because players can enjoy them at any time and do not have to register or pay money for the games if they do not want to. They can have their turn and then wait the allotted time until the game is available to them again.

Free Games for All Players

The free online social games are available through many different forums. There are social games for iPhone and casino social games, there are games for iPad only and there are games just for computers. Players do not have to commit any money to these games and are able to enjoy them in real time. Because the games are played on social platforms, the players are under less pressure to do well because there is no money at stake. Yes, they want to do well and have their name up on the leader board for the ranking against their friends but there is no real danger of losing money because the only money that is spent is in small amounts if the player wishes to buy more tokens for the game rather than waiting for the allotted time gap to finish.

Through the social gaming apps and free online social games players are able to escape reality and immerse themselves in the word of farm life or warfare or whatever game they choose to play. There are games that stretch the brain such as word games against other players or just word guess games and there are games that test the skills of players through coordination and quick thinking.

How the Social Games Work

All of the social casino gaming apps involve some form of role playing whether the player adopts the persona of an animal or character or players under his user name that is not his real name and hence he can remain anonymous to his opponents. The whole concept of the casino social games is about community and each of social games also offers a chat option where players can chat in real time to their opponents as they play the games. Some of the online social games also offer multi player options allowing players to invite other friends or social games users to join in with a game. There are discussion groups and all sorts of fan clubs for the most popular online social games. New versions and improved social casino gaming apps are always being updated for the players. Some of the games even offer reality games that refer to real events happening in the world.

The producers of these online social games do not suffer financially in anyway and are able to make money through advertising that is inserted between different rounds of the games. Players who do not want to see the advertising can choose not to by paying a little extra that compensates the producers of the games. The whole system of social games is extremely clever and it is rare to find someone with a smartphone who has not tried out one of the social games. Many of the social games for iPhone need downloading from the iTunes store and some even cost money.

For Android devices, players can find their chosen social games in the play store. The creators of these online social games are always looking for feedback on their games and more information from the players on how to improve the games. The free online social games are definitely here to stay and are predicted to grow in popularity.