Social Casinos Spur On Growth Of Real Money Games

By Ben Hamill - July 31 2018

Social Casinos are becoming popular

Social casinos have taken hold of the global gaming market in a big way. These digital platforms supply branded entertainment to players, and in turn act as excellent marketing and data-capture channels for operators. Essentially, one of their biggest strengths is their ability to lure players into playing real money games – and sometimes, they even generate income themselves.

As well as standalone social casinos, there are also many sites attached to physical, land-based establishments to help drive real money play. The impact of these sites on real money earnings in the physical world can be hard to pinpoint, but years of research has confirmed that it is a solid complimentary service that can considerably increase earnings in the long run.

Rises in Visitation and Spending

According to Adam Krejcik of Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, allowing players to earn rewards for land-based venues has prompted a quantifiable rise in both the frequency of visitation and the amount of time spent at land based venues that offer the service. The expert and many of his peers also believe that social gaming is a great asset for the acquisition of new customers, allowing them to enjoy a taste of what the real casino has to offer at no risk or cost to themselves.

Many other industry members, like Dana Takrudtong, the executive in charge of digital transformation at GAN, have dubbed social game play a ground breaking tool that extends land-based establishments to the digital space 24 hours a day. The concept allows players to enjoy free-to-play games alongside their usual Netflix viewing and Amazon shopping, while casinos can still retain these players’ presences, bankrolls and time.

Social Media Gambling

Vice president of marketing, gaming and entertainment at Delaware North, Luisa Woods, also explains that social games are a part of a much deeper relationship between casinos and their customers, allowing brands to offer their features and services in new ways and maintain face time and a constant presence with their players.

How Online Players are Converted

At the end of the day, this communication channel is aimed at tempting online players to eventually visit the establishment powering the site and spend real cash. In return, players are provided with an excellent source of entertainment, offering them validation and competition for a higher status whenever they win. This competition among real people is the main form of engagement at social casinos, along with missions, challenges and tournaments to keep them coming back for more.

As for the future of social casinos, they will very likely stick around as a source of entertainment for players who are on a budget or simply looking for some affordable, temporary fun before payday. It’s always been clear that social gaming and real money gaming can coexist, but now it has also been confirmed that this type of play is fueling real money growth while the two sectors survive in perfect symbiosis.

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