Sony’s New DualShock PS5 Controller Revealed

By Ben Hamill - April 10 2020

Sony’s New DualShock PS5 Controller Revealed

Sony’s PS5 console may only be making its way to our shores sometime between October and December this year, but this week the gaming giant treated its loyal band of fans to a first glance of its new PS5 controller. And to say that Sony has truly hit the ball right out the park this time round, is probably the understatement of the year. In short, Sony’s new DualSense PS5 wireless controller is positively awesome.

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The controller may have a design that’s very similar to previous releases, but it’s the combination of white and black that really draws the attention. That and its name of course, with Sony not having referred to DualShock since the release of the PS1. To long-time fans this is nothing short of a tribute paid to a true industry classic, and a gesture that won’t go by unnoticed or without the due heartfelt thanks and ongoing loyalty being offered in return. 

Goodbye Nerdy Headsets

But the new DualShock controller is much more than a two-toned colour design masterpiece. It holds within its encasing quite an impressive selection of never-before-seen features. A highlight and source of high excitement is the inclusion of the built-in microphone. This obviously means that headsets will soon become a thing of the long-forgotten past. Communication with other gamers in multiplayer games has just become a whole lot cooler.

Another interesting inclusion is that of the “create” button. The button will according to Sony operation in much the same way as what does the DualShock 4 “share” button, but that it will have many more functions that what the original “share” button did. These functions will however be saved for a special reveal at a later date.

Live But Not Exactly Alive

Sony has in the meantime gone live with its official PlayStation 5 home page. The February 4 launch however did not reveal all too much about upcoming launch dates and what to expect in terms of a timeframe for the release of the console itself. In fact, it’s now more than two months following first-launch of the new site and to date, not much more newsworthy has been added since.

The word remains out on the expected price too. The price is not yet known but according to a report posted by leading financial news agency Bloomberg around mid-February, the manufacturer’s cost is pegged somewhere in the region of $450 a pop. The word remains out whether Sony will ease up on the retail price once revealed, so as to compete more effectively with market rivals Microsoft and Nintendo. Microsoft in particular, will feature high on Sony’s comparison list, especially since it too, has a new console headed our way soon.

What We Do Know

We may not know everything there is to know about the upcoming PlayStation 5, but we do know it’s going to be a pretty mean graphics performance machine. AMD will power its CPU and GPU components and capabilities, and its actual graphics processor will be a distant cousin of the famous Ryzen line of processors. These typically run on nothing less than 2.23GHz and are capable of ramping it up all the way into the 10.28 range of teraflops.

Developers too, are apparently in for quite the ride. Data will load in but a fraction of the time that used to be the case in the past. What this means is that developers will be able to offload assets directly from the system, instead of having to route-tap a large portion of date in a roundabout RAM kind of way.

As for the rest, all we can really do now, it seems, is wait.


When will the PS5 launch?

Between September and December 2020.

What colours are the new PS5 Dualshock controllers?

Black and white.

What added feature to the PS5 controller is getting fans excited?

The inclusion of a built-in microphone.

What feature has been revamped on the PS5 controller?

The share button has been changed to create button.


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