Sir Mix-a-Lot To Star In New Bluberi Slot

By Ben Hamill - December 12 2018

Sir Mix-a-Lot To Star In New Bluberi Slot

Celebrity super-stars are warming up to the idea of being associated with casino brands, which is good news as it indicates higher levels of acceptance of the industry. The latest celeb to have added his name to the growing list of star-associations is none other than adored rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 1990 anthem, Baby Got Back, is the inspiration behind the theme for a brand-new slot developed by Bluberi Gaming Canada Inc., and features sound samples as well as the iconic rapper’s likeness. The ‘I Like Big Buck$’ slot is slated for release in March of 2019.

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Embracing The Process

The rapper and producer has had a rich and diverse career in the music and entertainment industry. He has not only been rapping away, but has also crossed over into other sectors in the worldwide entertainment industry, such as television and film. And yet, as related by the 55-year old star, being involved with the creation of a casino slot brand is a whole new ball game for him and something that he is quite excited about.

Sir Mix-a-Lot spoke in an animated fashion about the process involved in creating the background tunes and music for a slot game. He said that it was a completely different process to recording a song in a studio. It was all about moving lyrics around, adding capellas and creating special effects that would come together and work for a games-soundtrack. He seemed happy about the fact that there was still much to be done before the project will have reached its conclusion.

He has obviously taken to slots development like a duck to water! True to his humorous nature, he could not resist issuing a stern warning to casinos by saying that those who neglected to adopt the new game into their fold could very well discover that their venues had burnt down to the ground.

Now that’s some effective PR right there!

The Field Is Changing

Basketball legend Magic Johnson, now the President of Basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers, spoke openly at the G2E 2017 conference, about how sports organisations had become increasingly more open to casino and gambling-related sponsorships over the last couple of years. According to Johnson, this was even before the strike-down of PASPA and the lift of the federal ban on sportsbetting in the United States.

And then of course there’s NBA champion Michael Jordan, who recently announced having invested in eSports. It’s heartening to see that people’s opinions are finally becoming more liberated.