Sims 4 Star Wars Pack Leaves Players Wanting

By Ben Hamill - August 31 2020

Sims 4 Star Wars Pack Leaves Players Wanting

While die-hard fans of the Star Wars franchise are obviously beside themselves over the upcoming release of a new Sims 4 expansion pack featuring everything from stormtroopers to R2D2, to lightsabers and being able to make your sims take control of a Millennium Falcon spaceship, the majority of players are wholly unimpressed and not at all afraid to say so.

It now appears as if EA’s upcoming September 8 release of Sims 4 standalone game pack Journey to Batuu is unleashing everything but the desired reaction. Even though the upcoming new content is being released in the form of a standalone game pack, which is to say that whether or not players decide to opt in makes absolutely no difference to the overall Sims 4 gameplay experience, many have voiced their discontent with EA over the game-maker’s alleged failure to really listen to their requests.

They want cars and additional mechanics as far as sim-babies go, say players – not a joyride in a Millennium Falcon or X-Wing spaceship.

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What’s In The Box?

According to the initial information released on EA’s site, the latest expansion pack will allow players to choose whether to side with The Resistance, the First Order, or even the baddies. And all of these are choices that will ultimately determine who gets to control the planet of Batuu, says the EA release.

Also, depending on how well a player manages the available choices and progresses through the storyline, several new rewards will become unlockable. These include all-new Star Wars outfits, starfighter access, and even participating in important new missions on Batuu.

All of which – at least when judging from the overall response on YouTube – have basically left players cool and aloof and wanting.

Not Getting What They Want

The official pre-launch YouTube video now has roughly 35,000 likes and 80,000 dislikes – not to mention countless comments by players expressing reactions ranging from disappointment to disgust at EA’s alleged inability to give them what they actually want and have apparently been asking for, for years now.

Being treated to a Star Wars expansion pack when all they’ve ever wanted were expanded supernatural functionality, improved infant mechanics, and, well, cars, appears to be getting under players’ skins in a big and disastrous way.

Claiming to feel ignored and disregarded, players are everything but impressed by EA’s Star Wars expansion plans. And it’s the type of vocal dissatisfaction that bodes nothing good for the future of the franchise should EA continue to disregard the requests of one of its biggest communities.

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