Major Rebrand And New Look For SG Program

By Ben Hamill - March 19 2019

SG Logo

Advanced-tech casino products and service provider Scientific Games has rebranded its entire SG Digital casino program. According to the company, a major re-shape proved necessary in order to enhance the efficacy and overall quality of the service. The program serves a wide variety of global players, including casino and online casino operators, third party content providers and end-user game studios.

SG Digital consists of a two-pronged service network. Thanks to the rebrand, these have been renamed and are being re-introduced as CONNECT and AMPLIFY. CONNECT will serve those in need of support with the development of a better player experience on their various platforms, and AMPLIFY will assist third-party aggregators with the seamless integration of their products onto the Scientific Games distributor platform. Scientific Games is home to many games-brands, and a simplification of the process of upload and integration is expected to stimulate further growth.

Currently, the group offers products and services to at least 130 operators in 20 licensed jurisdictions.

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Looking Ahead To Better Days

SG Digital may not have experienced the best year last year if its 2018 books are anything to go by, but it has done much in the way of plotting out a better course going forward. According to Rob Procter, Director at SG Digital, the company has established for itself the mission and vision of becoming a must-visit online gaming destination, and not only in terms of content for players, but also by providing a full-scope distribution and fully-customisable product offering.

At the end of the day, said Procter, dedication coupled with experience will be the ultimate recipe for success.  SG’s in-house games won’t be the only content offered to operator-clients, but also games developed by all of SG’s preferred partner brands. This will ensure that the new casino program and platform will become the world’s first actual one-stop games shop.

To Serve And Be Served

According to Scientific Games Partnership Director, Steve Mayes, providing the best possible service to operator-partners is every bit as important as providing top-quality content to players. Mayes said that nobody understood the effort and commitment required to keep the operator-player relationship in perfect balance and in line with industry standards quite like another business involved in the same game.

Continuously scouting for new and better ways to serve suppliers and players alike has been the force behind the company’s forward drive. Thanks to initiatives such as the re-branded and improved casino program, this will continue to be true; and indeed far into the foreseeable future.

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