Galaxy Store Overhaul Focused On Gaming

By Ben Hamill - November 03 2020

Galaxy Store Overhaul Focused On Gaming

Tech and smartphone giant Samsung have given its Galaxy Store a complete overhaul. And not surprisingly, the focus is this time around nearly exclusively on gaming and the mobile gaming experience.

Notable also is that Samsung has completely done away with the previous interface. Instead of the app’s previous setup of featuring several tabs such as Home, Games, Explore, Exclusives, etc., the interface now follows a clean and minimalistic approach. Only two tabs appear on the home screen – Apps and Games.

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Fortnite, Rewards, And More

The Galaxy Store also gets to cash in on the pulling of Epic’s Fortnite from both Google and Apple app stores following a legal battle regarding the sharing of revenue. According to a press release recently released by Samsung, the newly revamped Galaxy Store is now the only mobile store in the United States from whence the popular battle royale game can be downloaded.

What the smartphone giant is obviously aiming to achieve is to offer to mobile gaming users a much more games-centric experience than before. Not only does the Galaxy Store now offer users exclusive access to pre-release game previews and promotions, but gamers also now stand to cash in on Samsung Rewards accumulated by levelling up in games. Once earned, Samsung Rewards can be exchanged for future downloads.

The Personalised User-Experience

The Apps section too has been completely overhauled. Tailored recommendations based on preferences logged by the Samsung Galaxy phone will create a customised and personalised user-experience. This experience will as a result be different for every user, Samsung has said. This is made possible by the inclusion of a special AI-based analysis tool providing ongoing personalised feed to the User Interface.

Several third-party software providers will be providing regularly updated Galaxy Store-exclusive offers. Initial offers now live include a 7-day free trial offered by Adobe Acrobat Reader, and a 10 per cent store credit on all purchases made via the Touch of Modern app.

Apps now accessible from the Galaxy Store include the My Galaxy app, which once downloaded and launched, grants the user access to a world of new themes and fonts. Also available are various camera filters – including stickers, stamps, and a variety of all-new edge panels for adding maximum creative flair to messages and images. The very same customisable features are available for users of Galaxy Watch and Samsung Gear.

The redesigned Galaxy Store presents the user with an attractive way to browse for games and apps. What’s more, users will now be able to use lists and themes to make searching for popular and/or suggested content across various categories so much easier.

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