Rockstar Pledges 5% Revenue To Covid-19

By Ben Hamill - April 06 2020

Rockstar Pledges 5% Revenue To Covid-19

Online entertainment giant Rockstar Games has pledged 5% of its monthly in-game generated revenue to the fight against the Coronavirus. Rockstar earns monthly online revenue from two of the most-played titles in the history of online gaming, namely Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto. The games giant announced its plans to donate to Covid-19 relief efforts on Twitter on Wednesday.

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In its Twitter statement, Rockstar says that its community of gamers is at the centre of everything that its teams across North America, India, the UK and beyond do, and that it can clearly see the effects that covid-19 is having on its global community. 

Donations Could Reach Millions

As alluded to previously, the size of the monthly donations will depend on the total of the in-game revenue generated by the two online titles. Rockstar has said that the donations will continue all the way through the end of May. The gaming giant will announce where its donations will be posted to at a date in the near future.

The exact figure is obviously not known, but according to a leading securities analyst, Michael Pachter, the amount donated by Rockstar Games on a monthly basis could total to as much as $2 million. The games publisher does not provide details relating to the earnings scored by individual games at the end it its financial periods as a rule, but instead discloses total figures in terms of divisions. This makes it tricky to try and estimate exactly how money will be donated to covid-19 relief efforts each month. But being that Red Dead Redemption and GTA enjoy the levels of popularity that they do, its safe to assume that quite a bit of money will be donated every month.

Casino A Winning Component

Both Rockstar titles make provision for the buying of virtual assets with real money. When playing Grand Theft Auto online for example, players may choose to visit the game’s Diamond & Casino Resort, where money is spent on online casino games as well as other virtual assets and items. A percentage of this type of spending is what will be donated toward covid-19 relief efforts.

Money generated by GTA’s online casino alone, could amount to quite a bit of money to be donated. According to Rockstar’s 2019 second quarter (Q2) results, the addition of the online casino to the game ramped up player spending by at least 23% for the mentioned financial quarter alone.

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