The Rise Of Gaming’s Roblox

By Ben Hamill - February 21 2021

The Rise Of Gaming’s Roblox

So much has the popularity of the children’s video games platform Roblox grown during the last year, that the enormously popular brand’s value has grown from $4 billion in 2020, to an incredible $30 billion in January 2021.

What makes Roblox so massively popular is that it’s a social gaming platform instead of just another content hub. And that there are games available for all ages and preferences certainly hasn’t hurt the appeal. There’s something for everyone – whether it’s operating a sims-style pizza parlour or raising a virtual pet, it’s sure to be available at Roblox. 

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Users Get To Create & Play

Also special and certainly at one stage unique about the platform, is that it allows its own users to develop the games on offer. Unlike platforms offering big-brand titles from studios like Activision or Electronic Arts (EA), Roblox incentives users to create their own games via its own “in-house” games creation engine, Roblox Studio. Makers of games accepted by the platform typically receive a cut of the profits.

This is obviously the result of a massive mind-shift about how games are made. As recently as only a decade ago, the making of a game required an in-depth knowledge of several programming languages, says Andrew Uerkwitz, senior technology analyst at Oppenheimer and Company. But today, thanks to engines like those offered by Roblox and Unity, games making has actually become relatively easy.

Look Out Fortnite!

While Roblox may not yet be quite as popular as games like Minecraft or Fortnite, the platform certainly is making its way on up the popularity ladder. It enjoys the support of more than 100 million active users in the UK alone.

The secret to Roblox’ appeal is that it’s a collection of more than 70 million smaller games, instead of one massive title. It’s user-generated content approach isn’t unlike the recipe followed by YouTube, only this time round, the content is games instead of videos.

Adding to its popularity has been its easy downloadability, which makes it simple to browse its games across all manner of devices, including computers, consoles, tablets, and smartphones. Being able to add friends and chat to them while playing a game hasn’t hurt its popularity ratings either.

Roblox is essentially the best of all worlds combined in an easy-to-navigate universe. And since this universe’s inhabitants have nothing but time to their disposal, it’s easy to see why it’s become the new chocolate cake of the gaming world.

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