Pure Canadian Gaming To Go Cashless

By Ben Hamill - June 03 2020

Pure Canadian Gaming To Go Cashless

Contactless cash access and payments technology has been a long time coming and soon, Canadian players will be in a position to benefit from the convenient safety-first approach made possible by payment solutions developer Passport Technology. Pure Canadian Gaming recently announced that its Alberta locations will be first up for experiencing first-hand the benefits of Passport Technology’s CashValet access service and ACM Owl ATM instant cash-free solutions. Safe and convenient, Alberta players will in the very near future be enjoying an optimised live gaming experience.

The idea is to offer to players enhanced support services with a major focus on convenient financial services. This will ensure the ongoing loyalty of Pure Canadian Gaming’s strong and significantly sized player base. The quality of the experience is a number one priority right now, especially as the industry finds itself caught up in difficult times due to ongoing stay-at-home orders and nation-wide temporary closures.

Pure Canadian Gaming has said that it will be rolling out Passport Technology’s cashless ATM services at the following venues once cleared for official reopening: Pure Casino Edmonton, Pure Casino Calgary, Pure Casino Yellowhead, and Pure Casino Lethbridge. Pure Canadian Gaming is of course Alberta’s largest casino operator, and also its longest in the business operator.

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Demand Necessitates Solutions

And it’s a new and intensified demand for contactless services that drove the new deal, says Helen Bowditch, who is the Vice President of International Development for Passport Technology. Personal health and safety remain a priority at an all-time high and will continue to grow even more important still, and along with it, a demand for self-service payment solutions both robust as well as easy to use and reliable.

From a corporate culture point of view, the push for a 100% contactless payments solution is a market demand fully bought into by Passport Technology, and according to Bowditch, a demand the company strives to fulfil to the full extent of a stand-alone and workable solution.

A 100% Complete Solution Awaits

Passport Technology’s CashValet solution is P2PE-Certified and 100% cloud-based. The application facilitates payment authorisations and furthermore also allows players instant access to quick cash. But what the system also does is to offer entirely new levels of support to operators in the way of providing to those operator’s real-time management of the entire payments transaction cycle, complete with customer support pegged at international quality support standards.

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