Sony Reveals Plans For Future Of PlayStation

By Ben Hamill - March 16 2020

Sony Reveals Plans For Future Of PlayStation

Sony may have been headed for a second-year-in-row no-show at this year’s E3 (that was before the event got chopped because of Covid-19), but that apparently doesn’t mean that it hasn’t a trick or two up its sleeve after all. The games giant has, without giving too much away regarding the release of its new PS5 console later this year, been crystal clear about the fact that its focus will continue to be on high-quality single player games.

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PlayStation Worldwide Studios big-boss Hermen Hulst recently revealed quite a bit about where the gaming giant’s priorities lie during an interview with PlayStation Blog. Hulst was obviously probed about how Sony sees the future of gaming and how it plans on heading into that future in a way that will ensure that it remains a relevant global role-player.

Strong Narratives Will Remain

Hulst’s answer was pretty much that of Sony planning to continue doing what is always done as it’s a recipe that has proved successful for the company. The PS boss also said that quality exclusives will continue to reign high-tide, as well as single-player games that really tell a clear and strong story on the narrative end of things.

This may seem to be a standard approach on most counts. Whilst this may be to an extent be so, its also an approach that has separated Sony form the likes of for example Microsoft’s Xbox. The latter has been catering mainly for first-person shooter games like Gears 5, or even a street-racing showdown like Forza Horizon 4.  And if Sony will want to remain separated from and as far ahead of any other company and approach as possible, then that would have to be Microsoft and its Xbox for sure.

Seeing What Works

But, added Hurst, Sony also plans on being very open to ideas and to experimentation. Experimenting with concepts and “what works” is crucial in a time such as this when competition is more head-to-head that what has been the case in the entire history of the video games industry. Sony obviously is very well aware of this and will want to remain out front and as far ahead of the rest of the pack as possible.

It will want to do this not merely to remain relevant, but really, to stay alive. What with cloud-based games streaming becoming a thing real fast, the console industry will have to carve for itself a new niche market of sorts if it’s going to remain successful.

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