Prof. Redlick Talks Canadian Betting Laws

By Ben Hamill - February 04 2019

Prof. Redlick Talks Canadian Betting Laws

Since the US Supreme Court overturned PASPA last year, the US’s sports betting market has grown exponentially in size. However, this growth has given rise to another question, namely: where does this leave Canada’s own wagering sector?

Adjunct Professor of Gambling Law Harley Redlick recently sat down for an interview with SBCAmericas to discuss this conundrum in more detail. Redlick, who is a professor at Canada’s largest and oldest law school, is a long-time lecturer on sports gambling. He has teamed up with MT Play, an affiliate of a major Canadian law firm, to supply consulting services in the Sport & Lottery sector as well.

When asked how important it is that Canada’s betting sector evolves in order to make sure that it is not totally overshadowed by that of the US, Redlick noted that Canadian casinos are largely based on the border of the two countries. This means that hordes of locals might cross the border on the regular to spend their time, their money and their weekends indulging in legal wagering in America. This, he says, all adds up to some notable issues for the Canadian economy.

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Modernized Regulations Essential

In terms of what he expects needs to happen in order for the local sector to evolve, the professor has a few interesting theories. He explained that currently, Canada’s criminal code prohibits single sport bets due to an out-dated fear about match fixing. The government has come close to ending this ban a few times over the past few years, but has failed to do so.

With this in mind, however, Redlick expects that the government will change these laws “within a year”. Once this happens, he says, each province will be allowed to regulate and run punting opportunities as they wish, potentially paving the way for online, mobile and retail sportsbooks across the nation.

Redlick to Speak at BSA This April

Speaking about how the patterns of players in Canada will be different to those in the US and Europe, the professor says that there is more NHL wagering locally due to Canucks’ love of hockey. The nation’s multicultural nature will add more diversity to the betting options on offer, including the likes of cricket, rugby, and the MLB and NBA to a lesser extent.

Redlick is set to speak at Betting on Sports America soon, and was naturally asked what he hopes to gain from the renowned event. In his response, he admitted to hoping to glean better insight into how individual states are implementing sports betting, as well as the latest developments in New York and Michigan – two states with the biggest pull on Ontario.

The expert will be speaking at the conference at Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey from April 23-25. The event is set to attract over 1,500 industry members from the lottery, sports, casino, tribal and regulatory sectors.

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