Prince of Persia Video Game Review

By Ben Hamill - October 12 2014

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If you want the excitement and energy of a great game, then the Prince of Persia series is definitely the right one for you. As the Prince of Persia Video Game Review will explain, this is a franchise started by Jordan Mechner that was first published by Broderbund and then the Learning Company, and now Ubisoft. The entire franchise focuses on the action-adventure games that deal with the prince. The series has been so successful that it even has a movie adaptation created by Mechner and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2010. Now that's success. The franchise is always ready to entertain.

Amazing Following

The Prince of Persia series has had an amazing evolution and following. While they were developed originally by one developer, they evolved over time but have retained the same sense of adventure and energy. They all include amazing graphics and great sound effects. While some of them in the series are in 2D others are in 3D, literally bringing the storyline into the house and into the minds of those who are playing.

Getting in the Game

Games in the series include Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame. These were developed by Broderbund for the Apple II. Then, the Prince of Persia 3D game was the first to use 3D computer graphics and it is eye popping and amazing. It was developed by Red Orb Entertainment and then published by The Learning Company on PC.

More Details

The Prince of Persia Trilogy was actually released on PlayStation 2 and then 3. This collection includes The Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones. The games are in HD for the PlayStation 3 with 3D and the PlayStation Network Trophy support on one Blu-ray Disc. The games were originally released separately as downloadable only titles in the states on the PlayStation Store. Of course, as happens to any good product, all sorts of spinoffs have taken place with the Prince of Persia Video Game Review. There have been spinoffs for Nintendo including the Battles of Prince of Persia. There have also been some Java ME mobile games developed by Gameloft.

More to Come

Certainly, as any Prince of Persia Video Game Review will discuss, people are always waiting for the next version to appear. Many of the talk pages about the video games will discuss what might be next for the company and the franchise and what will appear to excite the people who play. A graphic novel, for instance, appeared in 2007 by Jordan Mechner. The novel was written by A.B. Sina and illustrated by Alex Puvilland and LeUyen Pham. It was released in autumn of 2008. There was also a comic book released in 2010 that was published by Disney press and written by Jordan Mechner. There is even a lego Prince of Persia for those who are obsessed enough to need a lego set of this series.

All of this certainly combines to show the power of the Prince of Persia Video Game Review series and the ways that people love connecting with it. For anyone looking for an action-packed adventure that never seems to end, this series is certainly the place to start. The best part of the series is that no one can ever say they are bored. If they don’t find themselves loving one of the games, they can move to another one. And there are so many to choose from that each person will always have something that will keep him at the edge of his seat and having a great time as he plays. These are video games built to withstand the test of time and to be enjoyed no matter where people live or what they normally do with their free time. And if they find that they love the video games, they can find themselves enjoying the legos, the comic books, the movies and so much more adventure as well.