Prince Harry Calls For Complete Fortnite Ban

By Ben Hamill - April 16 2019

Prince Harry No Fan of Fortnite, Social Media

It certainly seems as if the bonds of marriage has had a sobering effect; for lack of a better word; on Prince Harry, the affable Duke of Sussex. The prince recently took to his and Megan Markel’s new joint Instagram account to express what he really thinks about popular video game Fortnite. It would be a gross understatement to say that the royal is not impressed by the game or its; in his opinion; propensity towards cultivating addictive behaviour in children.

In fact, not only did the royal express his disdain in Fortnite, he also petitioned that it should be outright banned for good. Prince Harry, previously regarded as being the only member of Britain’s royal family able to let his hair down, is now being scolded by young fans of Fortnite on social media for having gone too far with his public commentaries.

But it isn’t only Fortnite that was singled out as public enemy number 1 by everyone’s favourite royal; social media too, was called out for the social ill that it truly is (all depending on who you ask, of course).

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Regulators Agree With The Prince

Granted, Prince Harry may appear to be a voice in the wilderness as far as Fortnite and its millions of global supporters are concerned, but regulators the world over have expressed similar concerns to those raised by the duke. Loot boxes, in particular, have been a collective bone of contention for regulators and governments the world over.

Some deem these to be fairly innocent; others yet, say its outright gambling. Loot boxes operate on the premise of a player buying a bundle of benefits designed to create certain advantages in any given game. The problem, however, lies with the fact that players do not know what the bundles contain beforehand. In other words, pay first, discover later.

The issue raised by regulators and many others is the fact that the games in question are played by children as young as 6 or 7 years of age. In other words, children are learning how to gamble before they are even fully developed cognitively speaking.

Enemy Of The Family

It was in all likelihood for this very reason that the creators of Fortnite recently changed the way in which loot boxes work by revealing beforehand to the players exactly what they are paying for when opting in on purchasing a Llama; which is Fortnite’s signature loot box avatar.

However, Prince Harry’s concerns go much further than just concerns over premature gambling. According to the prince, Fortnite is directly responsible for the overall demise of many families due to the fact that children no longer know how to interact with other family members as a result of being glued 24/7 to their mobile phones.

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