OLG Extends Pollard Banknote Supply Term - August 2021

By Ben Hamill - April 24 2021

OLG Extends Pollard Banknote Supply Term

Pollard Banknote Limited, a leading provider of instant Lottery tickets, has announced that the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission has extended its supply contract by another 10 years. This means Pollard will supply the OLG with instant tickets until July 31, 2032, and with a possibility included of an additional term of 5 more years after that.

The OLG has an extensive historical relationship with Pollard Banknote Limited. Following the start of their relationship in 1987, Pollard was eventually in 2007 named the primary instant Lottery ticket supplier to the Crown corporation. Around a year later in 2008, Pollard established a finishing plant in Sault Ste. Marie, so as to support the province economically in an additional way.

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Mutual Satisfaction Between Parties

The OLG is happy with its decision to extend its contract and working relationship with the premium supplier for another term, said OLG president and CEO Duncan Hannay of the extension of term. He again commended Pollard’s decision to bring its finishing plant to Sault Ste. Marie, saying the presence of the plant in the province was considered a real show of commitment to the province on the part of the supplier.

Pollard, on its part, is exceptionally happy about the extension, and in particular about the opportunity to be in ongoing service of the province of Ontario, said Pollard co-CEO Doug Pollard at the time of the announcement. Pollard said the supplier took great pride in its long-standing alliance with the province and with the Crown corporation. Serving Ontario’s gaming and Lottery fans was a passion the two parties had shared all throughout their association so far, explained Pollard.

Collaboration Is A Positive One

Partnerships such as that in existence between the Crown corp. and Pollard Banknote are crucial for economic recovery in the province, said Ross Roman, MPP of the Sault Ste. Marie ticket finishing plant. Not only does the association between Pollard and the OLG benefit the local economy from a commercial point of view, but it also serves the people of Sault Ste. Marie in a much more immediate way by creating jobs, he explained.

In addition to the actual supply of Lottery tickets, Pollard Banknote furthermore serves the people of Ontario via several community groups and charities via the supplier’s group of subsidiary companies. Pollard provides Ontario’s Charitable Gaming Centers with everything from Bingo tickets, to break open tickets, to TAP ‘N PLAY cabinet games.

Pollard is furthermore a renowned advocate of gender diversity and equality in the workplace. It was earlier this year awarded a placement on the 2021 Report on Business Women Lead Here list.

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