First Online Pokémon GO Fest A Huge Success

By Ben Hamill - July 29 2020

First Online Pokémon GO Fest A Huge Success

Given that this year’s Pokémon GO Fest was for the first time in the event’s history open to all players irrespective of where they were physically situated in the world, it’s no surprise at all that it also turned out to be the best-attended and biggest festival of its kind ever hosted.

According to a statement issued by Pokémon GO product-owners Niantic, literally millions of participants from 124 different countries took part in this year’s event. What’s more, nearly a billion Pokémon were caught.

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Getting Some Fresh Air

And players apparently got out and about along with a healthy dose of exercise too. According to Niantic, even though the event was designed specifically so that players could play the entire thing from home, some players could be seen walking up to 15 kilometers each in search of the next catch.

There were also more Pokemon to be caught than ever before. This was made possible by an in-game item that typically attracts Pokémon having been made stronger and more effective at attracting Pokémon for the duration of the fest.

Aside from the usual “catch of the day”, Niantic also included for the first time ever a mythical Pokémon called “Victini”. Players could all throughout the fest be seen squaring it off with Team Rocket members in an attempt to successfully nab Victini.

Black Communities To Benefit

Niantic has pledged an amount of $5 million (proceeds from ticket sales resulting from the event) to Black AR creators and Unites States-based NPOs who are currently working on rebuilding local Black communities. Tickets to the event were sold at $14.99 a piece.

Niantic has however now confirmed that its initial pledge has turned out to be quite conservative, as ticket sales have practically escalated the initial figure to over $10 million in ticket-sale proceeds. This is obviously very good news for the charities slated to benefit from the funding offered by Niantic.

Compared To Last Year

In order to truly understand the magnitude of this year’s online-only event, one need only compare the sheer “size” of it with the scale of last year’s 3 full-scale events hosted Niantic in Chicago, Yokohama, and Dortmund.

Even though thousands of people pitched up at the events in order to hang out, trade, battle, compete with one another in catching critters, etc., the figures came nowhere near what was recorded this time round.

This year’s virtual event spanned across two full days of Pokémon-catching action. The first day saw trainers scuttle about catching critters based on 5 hourly themes: Fire, Friendship, Grass, Water, and Battle. The second day of the event focused exclusively on hunting for Victini.

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